Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Season in Hell #116: ROCK FIGHT 9!!!


I am so going to kick Ron Donovan's ass tonight! I can almost taste it. Er...the win, not his dirty, Hobbit ass. ew

For five years Ron and I have gone mano-a-mano in a battle royal of bootleg mayhem. We have so many live shows between us, that the only way we have a chance to listen to them is when we do this show.

Ron has generally sucked at this show. He always brings in lame 70s classic rock, or poor audience recordings, which he proceeds to do air guitar jerk-off leads to. Poor guy.

I, on the other hand, have stellar soundboards, of kick ass ROCK!, which will blow your earholes our, and pop your corneas off. Good stuff.

We have some bands come in, and always welcome listener interaction.

Local band, Illogistical Resource Dept. came by to share some of their amazing music. The interview was tip top notch. Check out their music and then go buy it.

Live Evil stopped by to talk about their Tuesday night show at the Knockout in SF. These guys are almost dirtier than I am.

Following all of this, Ron and I paid tribute to the 50th anniversaries of both the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. 

You know you want to stream this show.
Part one. Part two.

Download it and make it a great stocking-stuffer.
Part one. Part two.

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Want to hear previous Rock Fights?
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Trade Off Set One:

Guitar: Prince (O2 Arena) RD
Remedy: Black Crowes w/Jimmy Page (10-18-99 - The Greek Theater, LA, CA) JH
Take Me: Kiss (07-27-2001 - Sau Paulo, Brazil) RD
The Trooper: Iron Maiden (05-26-1983 - Hammersmith Odeon - London) JH

Rock Block One: Ron Donovan

Renegade: Damn Yankees (01-20-1993 - Tokyo Japan) RD
Just What the Doctor Ordered: Ted Nugent (2010 - Sioux Falls, SD) RD
Southern Girls: Cheap Trick (Alt In Color recording with Producer Steve Albini) RD

Purple Haze: Jimi Hendrix (Olympic Studios - 1967) RD

Rock Block One: John Hell

Closet Queen: James Gang (07-15-1971 - Holland) JH
Shaking All Over: The Who (04-06-1968 - Fillmore East) JH
Hey Hey My My (Into the Black): Neil Young (02-06-1984 - Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA) JH

Ramble On: Led Zeppelin (12-10-2010 - O2 Arena, London) Both

Trade Off Set Two:

Stone Cold Bush: Red Hot Chili Peppers (04-28-1989 - Sundance Club, Bayshore, NY) JH
Running with the Devil: Van Halen (Gene Simmons Demo Tape) RD
Pink: Boris (12-05-2012 - Islington Mill, Salford, UK) JH
Been Away Too Long: Soundgarden (11-28-2012 - Phoenix Theater - Toronto, CN) RD

Rock Block Two: John Hell

Bad Reputation: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (08-08-1981 - Firemen's Memorial Park, Hempsted NJ) JH
Rebel Girl: Bikini Kill (09-21-1992 - Exit 99, Fargo, ND) JH
Done Got Old: Heartless Bastards (07-27-2012 - Wooly's, Des Moines, IA) JH
My Generation: Patti Smith w/Bruce Springsteen (11-26-1976 - The Bottom Line, NY, NY) JH

Rock Block Two: Ron Donovan

Long Live R&R: Dio (11-28-1984 - Tokyo, Japan) RD
Big Time: Peter Gabriel (10-08-2012 - Hollywood Bowl) RD

Interview with Illogistical Resources Dept.

The Midshipmen: Illogistical Resources Dept. (Buy it here)
Augmented Banality: Illogistical Resources Dept. (Buy it here)

Interview with Illogistical Resources Dept.
When Frogs Attack: Illogistical Resources Dept. (Buy it here)
Speak: Illogistical Resources Dept. (Buy it here)

War Pigs: Black Sabbath (04-26-1970 - BBC - Peel Session) guest DJ - Noa "Oz" Appleton

TV Set: The Cramps (05-20-1982 - Astor Park, Seattle, Washington, USA) JH
Call Of The Wig Hat: The Cramps (05-20-1982 - Astor Park, Seattle, Washington, USA) JH

Interview with Live of Live Evil

This Great Land: Live Evil (Buy it here)

Interview with Live of Live Evil
Fuck: Live Evil (Buy it here)

Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tribute

Memphis, Tennessee: Rolling Stones (09-23-63 - BBC) - JH
Not Fade Away: Rolling Stones (04-13-1964 - BBC) - JH

Fade to Black: Rolling Stones (12-15-2012 - New Jersey) RD
Gimme Shelter: Rolling Stones (11-09-69 - Oakland, CA) JH
In Another Land: Rolling Stones (Satanic Majesties Outtakes) RD

Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad: Derek and the Dominos (11-20-1970 - Santa Monica) JH
Got To Get Better In A Little While: Eric Clapton (2009 - Tokyo, Japan) RD

Big River: The Beat Farmers (12-07-1985 - The Catalyst, Santa Cruz) JH

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Season in Hell #115: Best of 2012

Well, here we go again. Can you believe it's already been a year?!?!

There was so much great music this past year. I have to admit, I really love this particular show. Every year I get to showcase what I believe to be the best music of the year, and this year there are some choice cuts to choose from.

If you listen to my show regularly, then you know that I jump around from genre to genre. Tonight my show features a lot of pop, some metal, some psych. There's no jazz or hip-hop in my list for tonight. That doesn't mean there weren't some fabulous tracks out there, just that none of them really struck my fancy enough to feature them in my Best of 2012. Don't be a hater. There will be plenty of hip hop and jazz in upcoming shows.

In the meantime, enjoy the show, and spread it around, and for God's sake, go buy some of this great music, and support live, local music every chance you get!

You can download this Best of, and take it with you everywhere you go.
You can stream this awe-inspiring showcase, and play it for your friends at work.
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As always, enjoy.


The War on Wisdom: The Melvins
Stay Away From Downtown: Redd Kross

Ron Donovan drops by to talk about Rock Fight 9, next week, 6-10PM

I See the Void: Sonny and the Sunsets
Blue Suede Shoes: Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Bite My Tongue: King Kahn and the Shrines

Satisfied: Tom Waits
Apocalypse Dreams: Tame Impala
Handglams: Ty Segal

Only Son of the Ladies Man: Father John Misty
Dear Believer: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Ruin: Cat Power

In A Jar: Dinosaur Jr (Electronic Version)
Museum of Flight: Damien Jurado
They Say I’m Doing Just Fine: Michael Kiwanuka

Roman Tick: Fergus & Geronimo
Anthem: King Tuff
Last Desire: Coves

Prayer of Forgetfulness: Hush Arbors
Make It Known: Foxygen
The Righteous One: The Orwells

Luna: Boris
1922 Blues: Charlie Parr

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A Season In Hell #114: Too Much Information

Every so often I'm blessed with a good interview. Tonight, I had three. There's something about having a musician, an actor and a journalist/filmmaker in the studio that makes me so proud to be in radio. Bringing you local talent is one of the top priorities of quality community media. I think my show on Radio Valencia, tonight, is a great example of this.

In the first hour, local actor/comedian Dan Foley came by to talk about his show, A Charlie Brown Christmas, at the Dark Room Theater. It's a great show, running every Friday and Saturday night through December 15th. Go check it out.

Local musician, Mark Herringer stopped by to play a couple of tunes on the guitar and promote his upcoming gigs at the Bottom's Up, in the Excelsior District of SF. That's the neighborhood everybody forgets exists in this town.

In the second hour, I'm excited that journalist and regular KPFA contributor, Kevin Pina stopped by. He's an expert on the politics of Haiti, having made three documentaries about the turmoil here, going back to the 1990s. He's promoting a new film, "Occupy the Bay", premiering in SF on December 6th.

Kevin and I talk about the new film, the Occupy movement, and why he isn't allowed back in Haiti.

Lot's to enjoy, along with some fine tunes.

Stream this consciousness, here.
Download this priceless gem, here.
Listen to all of my shows by clicking here, or just scroll down.

Next Monday is my Best of 2012 show. There's so much good music to share.

Monday, December 17th, 6-10pm, join me and Ron Donovan for Rock Fight 9!!! All bootlegs, all beat down.



Do It: Rollins Band
Rave Down: Swervedriver
Never See It Coming: OP8

Interview with Dan Foley of Merry Christmas Charlie Brown

Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley

Interview With Mark Heringer

Step Right Up: Tom Waits

Interview with Kevin Pina

We Want Justice for Christmas: Super Natural
Bomb Mendocino: Robert Temple and his Soulfolk Ensemble

Interview With Kevin Pina

Haiti Freedom Song: Redd Welsh

Cadillac: Con Brio
The Dub: Toychestra with Fred Frith

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Season in Hell #113: Oh Grow Up Already

Here it is the first official show of the holiday season, and other than things like Black Friday and Tech Monday, it's all about the music.

I'm so totally psyched to have former Radio Valencia star DJ, Mikl Em of Can Haz DJ. Mikl, like myself, is a total music nerd. Once you get us started it's hard for us to stop. And like me, he's into every genre imaginable. The idea of doing a two hour show with him, though limiting, was impossible to pass up.

We made this a concept show. We open up with music we're listening to now, followed by music that inspired us as we were children. There's some teenage "angst" in there, as well as music from our college years, breakup songs, and road songs. We feature some musical heroes, female power, and finally a holiday treat for those so inclined. I think you'll like our choices on the latter.

The banter is whimsical, and Mikl even shot video footage of us, live in the studio. We need to do this more than once a year.

You really do need to download this show, here.
I'm sure streaming this show would bring you sweet satisfaction.
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As always, enjoy.


Song host is marked accordingly, by initials. 

Music We Love Now:
Master of my Craft: Parquet Courts (Mikl Em)
Fun Times in Babylon: Father John Misty (John Hell)
Pirates in the 9th: Mathew Jonson (M.E.)

Thank God For Sinners: Ty Segal (JH)

Childhood Inspiration:
Goin' Blind: Kiss (JH)
Messin' with the Kid: Blues Brothers (JH)
St. Stephen: Grateful Dead (JH)
Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dylan (M.E.)

Yer Blues: The Beatles (M.E.)
The Little Fiddle: Danny Kaye (M.E.)
Teenage Years:
Death and Glory: The Clash (JH)

Everybody Wants You: Billy Squire (M.E.)
Silver Rocket: Sonic Youth (JH)
Feeling Gravity's Pull: REM (M.E.)
Road Songs:
Roadrunner: Modern Lovers (M.E.)

(I Live For) Cars And Girls: The Dictators (JH)
Breakup Songs:
Keep it out of my Face: Mudhoney (JH)
Walk Away Renee: Billy Bragg (M.E.)

Felbomlasztott Mentokocsi (Bong-Ra Remix):Venetian Snares (M.E.)

Musical Heroes:
I'm a Greedy Man: James Brown (JH)
The Piano's Been Drinking, Not Me: Tom Waits (M.E.)
Female Vox:
We Are the One: The Avengers (M.E.)
Rebel Girl: Bikini Kill (JH)
Holiday Songs:
Shouldn't Have Given Him a Gun For Christmas: Wall of Voodoo (M.E.)

Mr. Grinch: Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors (JH)
Stoned, Drunk and Naked: Anders Osborne (M.E.)

Next Monday night, December 3rd, Dan Foley will be in to talk about some upcoming shows at the Dark Room Theater. And set your calendar for Monday, December 17th, 6-10PM for ROCK FIGHT 9! Ron Donovan and I go head-to-head in a bootleg battle royal! It's not to be missed.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Season in Hell #112: Am I Frisco Enough For Ya?

It's pronounced San Francisco.

Just take a look at this playlist! I'm all over the place tonight. There are so many tracks you have seriously been searching for, on here. I love it when I pull out five or six genres for my show. Tonight is just such a show.

Just getting you ready for the 15,000 calories your about to consume this week. Do me a favor and go for a walk BEFORE you eat. Studies show that your body will consume it better, and not weigh you down if you do this.

Also, please celebrate Buy Nothing Day, on Friday, November 23rd. It's worth it. You don't need to give your hard earned money to all those corporations, who hate you anyway.

You really do need to listen to this show.
Stream it here.
Download it here.
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Do It: Rollins Band
I've Been Working: Van Morrison
Friction: Television

Satisfaction: Cat Power
Ever Fall in Love: The Buzzcocks
Fiesta The Pogues
Whole Stole the Keishka?: Polkacide

Birdsthroat: Rin Tin Tiger
The Partisan: Leonard Cohen
Bird on a Wire: Joe Cocker

Concert Outlook

Come on Over (turn me on): Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
Work It: Missy Elliott
Fuck the Pain Away: Peaches

Deception Pass: Mudhoney
School: Nirvana
Frisco Line: Rube Waddell
Do I Look Like a Slut: Avenue D

Cocaine Blues: Johnny Cash
El Paso: Marty Robbins
When the Levee Breaks: Memphis Minnie
The Runt: Hank Snow

Sweet Child o'Mine/All Out of Love: Guns and Roses/Air Supply
Am I Black Enough For Ya?: Schooly D
My Favorite Things: Negativland
Slow and Low: Run DMC

Don't Come Home A'Drinking: Loretta Lynn
What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Season in Hell #111: 1972, It Was A Very Good Year

It's all about 1972.

A year ago I did a 1971 show that kicked serious ass. Funny enough I forgot all about it until about a week ago, when I asked myself when that show was. Sure enough it was a year ago this week!

Similar to that show, this one is chock full of rock, progressive, pop, folk, funk and soul. Genres were so distinctive back then. You could hear the influences, but they didn't cross over, like many do today.

By 1972, it's obvious the 60's have been left far behind. Gone are the songs about rainbows and unicorns (except for that song about unicorns and rainbows, by YES). In are the songs about drivin' through the night in your Chevy, your baby by your side, as you're on the hunt for the Devil and the Pusherman.

Almost every track played in the show tonight was off vinyl records. Yes, records. Try not to think about the truly staggering amount of oil that it takes to make a record.

I was also happy to have a visit from KFJC DJ, Dominic Trix. He's a legend, having hosted some seriously fabulous shows at Wave of the West for over twenty years. He knows his music. You can hear us banter about in hour two.

You know you want to download this classic showcase.
Or perhaps it would be more efficient to stream this particular gem.
I know, I know, you want to hear all of my previous show. Who can blame you? Go here, or scroll down.

Crazy Horses: The Osmonds
Snowblind: Black Sabbath

Gutter Cats Vs. The Jets: Alice Cooper
When My Baby's Beside Me: Big Star
Devil Eyes: Tim Buckley
Things Behind the Sun: Nick Drake

And You And I: Yes
Sweet Jane: Mott the Hoople
Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast: Wayne Newton
Can You Dance to It?: Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys

Pusherman: Curtis Mayfield
Get on the Good Foot: James Brown

Green Bubble Raincoated Man: Amon Duu II
Call Any Vegetable: Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
My Ding-A-Ling: Chuck Berry

Dominic Trix Visits

Get My Rocks Off: Dr. Hook
C'mon Everybody: Humble Pie
Chevrolet: ZZ Top
Let It Rock: Bob Segar

Am I Losing You: The Partridge Family

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Season in Hell #110: Election NIght Blues

I'm doing what I do every year before an election: I'm analyzing the propositions. I know, I know, it's really exciting. I've give analysis and how I'm voting and why. I only talk about the San Francisco and California props.

I also have an election night set or two, and a whole lot of blues thrown in for good measure.

Be sure to listen to the Led Zeppelin tune. I play it in a way you have NEVER heard it before.

It's fun to have a platform like this to share with you all.

If you would care to download this show and take it with you to the polls, click here.
If streaming this election night celebration is more to your liking, click here.
If you desire to listen to all of my many programs, you may click here, or just scroll down.



Do It: Rollins Band
Southern Politician: Willy DeVille

Another Bloody Election: Killing Joke
Sweet Thing/Candidate: David Bowie

Politician: Cream

Talking about the election

Candidate: Joy Division
Hey Hey What Can I Do(slowed down): Led Zeppelin
My Crime: Canned Heat

Talking about the election

Will Not Be Your Fool: Dave Bromberg Band
Walkin' Blues: Butterfield Blues Band

Talking about the election

Whiskey and Women: John Lee Hooker (03-30-85, The Stone, SF, CA)
Work Song: Nina Simone

Talking about the election

Boom Boom: Rube Waddell
Shake That Money Maker: Elmore James
Midnight Special: Harry Belafonte

Talking about the election

Dust My Broom: Howlin' Wolf
Basketball Jones: Cheech and Chong

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Season in Hell #109: John Hell Wins the Pennant!

I'm 3-0 in broadcasting when the Giants win something big! Yay me! And yay to the San Francisco Giants for sweeping the highly favored (for some unknown reason) Detroit Tigers.

I just got back from a great weekend in Portland, Oregon. This town is like San Francisco North, but the people are all really friendly...and white. Where are all the people of color at? I mean really, this is one white town.

I was also expecting a lot more Portlandia-like experiences. I was a bit disappointed. Where the quirkiness? Where are Fred and Carrie? I did drink my fair share of local beers though. So tasty. I recommend you hit up Bailey's Tap Room. They have 20 of the finest west coast micro-breweries on tap. That was a joyous night, I tell you.

We also spent quite a few hours at the nations largest independently owned book sore, Powell's. It's  city block large. DAMN! So many books. It heavenly and a bit overwhelming at the same time.

Being a music junkie I had to hit up the local record stores. I was happy to find Jackpot records and there ever so fine collection of new and used vinyl. I can buy pretty much everything I've ever wanted at Aquarius and Amoeba. The great thing about visiting music towns is the opportunity to find local music that I cannot find at home. My trip was fortuitous. I found this ripping LP from a Portland band, Wizard Rifle. Damn, they are loud. LOVE IT! I played them tonight, so be listening for them. I also found a double 10" of a 2012 Ty Segall Band release, "Slaughterhouse", which I've never heard of, nor seen. Thanks Portland, and thanks to Jackpot Records, a local Portland record label and store.

And the rain. Did I mention the rain? It rained a lot. A lot. Really, a lot.

I played a few songs in tribute to Hurricane Sandy, because I could. I did not play anything in the memory of a longtime friend and collaborator, Paul Addis, who chose to take his life last Saturday night by jumping in front of a BART train in SF. I'll save that for when I have my head better wrapped around it.

If you would care to stream this championship broadcast, click here.
If you dare to download this MVP performance, click here.
If you choose to do the right thing and listen to every one of these masterful recordings, then click here, or scroll down.



Do It: Rollins Band
Lonesome Train: Robert Gordon w/Link Wray
Stormy Weather: Jimmy Luxury

???: The Hooded Fang
Rebel Without a Pause: Public Enemy
General Hospital/Blue Flowers: Dr. Octogon

Diddy Wha: Ty Segall Band
Save Yourself: Hemi
Let's Get Funky: Jack O'Fire

Tears Won't Soften Steel: Wizard Rifle
Akuma No Kuma: Boris and Sunn)))
White Light/White Heat: Lou Reed

Shame Shame Shame: Bryan Ferry
Soul Rebel: Bob Marley
Water No Get Enemy: Fela Kuti

Down, Down, Down: Tom Waits
Desert Blues: Leon Redbone
The Fat Lady of Limbourg: Brian Eno

Hey Hey My My: Neil Young and Crazy Horse (Hollywood Bowl 10-17-12)
Stormy Monday: Allman Brothers Band (Fillmore East, February, 1971) - Going out to our friends and family surviving the ravages of Hurricane Sandy and the Frankenstorm!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Season in Hell #108: The Return of Altered Barbie

WOW!!! What a night. The Giants win the pennant and I've got Julie Anderson, curator of Altered Barbie in the studio, again!

In 2002 I was on the air interviewing Dennis McNally of the Grateful Dead, when the Giants beat the Cardinals to head to the World Series. In 2010 I was on the air interviewing Mark Growden when they won the World Series. Tonight I was on the air interviewing Julie and a few others when the Giants won the NLCS in an ocean at AT&T Park. WOW! I'm 3-0. Look out Tigers.

On to the show. It's time for the 10th annual Altered Barbie Exhibition, opening this Wednesday, October 24th at 50 Shotwell, in San Francisco. The opening night reception, which promises to be fabulous is this Friday night. Curator Julie Anderson brought in some performers tonight, including GregAngelo (that's how he spells it), Cyclub and Ethel Merman. See links below for these fabulous folks.

I've enjoyed this show so much over the years. You really do have to go check out a certain San Francisco event. Even if you hate Barbie you'll love this show. It's "Altered Barbie", so you know it's going to be really fucked up. Good stuff. Tell them John Hell sent you.

As for the music tonight, after the guests left everything was on vinyl. I really have to thank my friend Kaylynn, who donated about 150 LPs to me and Radio Valencia. Everything I played tonight came from that collection. Lot's of 80s/90s indie, punk, metal, goth. All around goodness.

The rain has slowed down, and the crowds are now out of their cars celebrating in the streets, as I write this. It's going to be a long and crazy night in the Mission. I think I'll join them. This is just too good to pass up. Don't you wish you lived in the greatest city in the world, too?

If you wish to stream this championship program, click here.
If you wish to download this MVP (most valuable program), click here.
If you want to listen to all of my All-Star performances, click here, or scroll down.



Do It: Rollins Band
Thank God For Sinners: Ty Segall

Interview wit Julie Anderson of Altered Barbie
Interview with GregAngelo

To Defy the Laws of Tradition: Primus

Japan: Cyclub+East Bay Brass Band (Live in studio on Radio Valencia
Gypsy Train: Cyclub+East Bay Brass Band

Hit the Road Jack: The Residents

Interview with The Ethel Merman Experience!

Whole Lotta Sex Machine: James Brown vs Led Zeppelin vs RUN DMC & Aerosmith
Search and Destroy: The Dictators
I Love Livin' in the City: Fear

Bring Me The Head of the Preacherman: Siouxie and the Banchees
The Wizard: Black Sabbath
Jerkin Crocus: Mott the Hoople

Lexicon Devil: The Germs
Beyond and Back: X
Marie Marie: The Blasters
Something's Gotta Give: Pere Ubu

Dome of Thunder: The Replacements
Live Wire: die kreuzen
Tarantula: This Mortal Coil

Fairweather Friend: John Cale
This is Not a Love Song: PIL

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Season in Hell #107: I've Got Metal In My Brain

I should have called this show "Technical Difficulties". The stream went down during Judas Priest. I don't know why, but the Internet Gods obviously had something about my choice of music tonight. Up yours!

Stream the show here.
Download it here.
Listen to all of my shows here, or scroll down to see them all.

Track 5: Aluk Todolo

Hama: Boris
Mama Said Knock You Out: Lagwagon
Snuff: Slayer
Rattlehead: Megadeth

Suicide's An Alternative/You'll Be Sorry: Suicidal Tendencies
Hellfudge: Lard
Taking Bong Rips in the Tombs of the Blind Dead: Population Reduction
Suicide in Progress: Melvins

Urban Struggle: The Vandals
The Ayes Have It; Big Business
The Body: Zeni Geva

Devil's Child: Judas Priest
Legend Of The Headless Rider: Mercyful Fate
Supermarket Nightmare: Victims Family
Long End of a Firearm: Truman's Water

Sunday: Oxbow
Nick the Dick: Three Day Stubble
Savage Vigilance for a Rug Free America

Pop Song: Jesus Lizard
Lesbian Nun: The Dwarves
Red Bath: Boss Hog

Monday, October 08, 2012

A Season in Hell #106: Afraid For My Life

I tell ya, I should really keep that door locked. When you invite a potential new DJ into the studio and they really come across as an axe murderer, then you should reconsider giving them your phone number, email address, and studio address. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Anyway, I think he's harmless. Just in case, if you don't hear from me again, you can pretty much bet that it was the lunatic that I invited into the studio last week.

On to tonight's show.


If you care to stream my possibly last ever show, click here.
If you would like to download what has turned out to be the last words I'll ever utter, click here.
If you would like to enjoy my life in Radio Valencia radio, click here or just scroll down.

See you on the other side.


Do It: Rollins Band
Free Love Messes Up My Life: Bongwater
Plastic Elvis: Bevis Frond

Underground Railroad: Angel in Heavy Syrup
Take the Stress Pill->Daisy: Turn Me On Dead Man

Concert Outlook (music bed: Ennio Morricone)

That Golden Lady: Sun Ra
Moving Pictures for the Ear: Don Cherry Trio

Roller Coaster: 13th Floor Elevators
I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper: Erika Eigen
Scissor People: Ty Segall & White Fence
Flight: Wooden Shjips
Creativity/Physical Effects: A Children's Garden of Grass
Careful with that Axe, Eugene: Pink Floyd

Angel of Repose: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Forty Thousand Headmen: Traffic (11-18-70)
Roadrunner: Quicksilver Messenger Service (02-19-71)

Only Son of a Ladies Man: Father John Misty (05-04-12)
Goldfinger: Sex Mob (08-08-12)

Sheena is a Punk Rocker: The Ramones

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Season in Hell #105: John Hell is a Ladies Man

It's that time of year again in San Francisco. The tourists have gone home and our summer is in full swing. Damn, it was hit in SF the past few days. Whew. I'm sweatin' it too. Not that I'm complaining, really. Living in the fog, we don't really get to feel the heat like the rest of the country, so if we get a week or so of 85 degrees, then I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

I'll be honest with you, I'll never complain about the fog again, knowing about the triple digits in the rest of the country. Don't be a hater.

Speaking about being hot under the collar, it's election season again. Tonight on my show I hosted Ken Tray, Political Director of United Educators of San Francisco. I've hosted Ken a number of times over the years to talk with him about local and state propositions,  and school board candidates. Head over to their site to see who they're endorsing for the upcoming school board election.

Tonight we spoke about two very important state props, 30 and 32. If you don't know what's up just listen to me: Yes on 30, No on 32. That's all you need to know. Ok, ok, if you really need to know more follow the links to get educated.

Music-wise, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is coming up in SF this weekend. Music breaks during the interview and much of the second hour features artists who will be playing this weekend at the event. I also have some Laurel Canyon sounds in there for good measure.

If you would care to stream this show in the cool comfort of your cubicle (poor things), click here.
If you would care to download this hot offering forever have it by your side, click here.
If you're smart, like I know you are, you'll wish to have access to all of my previous Radio Valencia shows. If so, click here, or just scroll down.



Do It: Rollins Band
Mama Said Knock You Out: LL Cool J

Interview with Ken Tray of UESF

99 Problems: Barack Obama

Interview with Ken Tray of UESF

Milkshake Girl: Giant Sand
Cemetery Savior: Son Volt
May This Be Love: Emmylou Harris

Interview with Ken Tray of UESF

Long White Cadillac: Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men
Carpetbaggers: Jenny Lewis & Elvis Costello
Only Son of the Ladies Man: Father John Misty
Girl, I Love You: The Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Dear Believer: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail: The Knitters (04-28-07)
Tonight I Think I"m Going to go Downtown: Jimmy Dale Gilmore
Lift Him Up, That's All: Ralph Stanley
Country Girl: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Searching For the Ghost: Heartless Bastards
Gringo Honeymoon: Robert Earl Keen
You Were A Bum Dream: Dirty Three

I Can't Go For That: Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers (09-21-12) 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Season in Hell #104: John Hell is a Super Hero!

...or maybe I'm a villain. Which is sexier?

My earliest memory of reading comic books was when I was about seven or eight years old, it was an Amazing Spiderman. I couldn't tell you the issue, but Dr. Octopus was the villain. That I remember. I read comic books semi-regularly until I was about 13. I collected baseball cards then too. I still have the baseball cards (I turn 42 this Sunday, so that gives you an idea of how long ago this was), I no longer have the comic books. This wasn't a situation of my mother throwing out my comic books. As much as I enjoyed reading them, I wasn't seriously hooked. I don't know what happened to them. I know some of you are just cringing thinking of that.

It wasn't until Red Son came out that I found myself wanting to read more comics, and especially, graphic novels. I began digging for darker stories. I found that as much as I loved a good novel, I ached for the stories and art of a good comic or graphic novel.

I've been enjoying the Dark Knight series, Walking Dead, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Transmetropolitan, and yes, even Before Watchmen (say what you will, I'm sort of enjoying it).

Living in San Francisco there are more comic book stores per-capita than anywhere else on the planet. I have my choice of some excellent stores, so where do I shop? I go to Comic Outpost, 2381 Ocean Avenue, in the Ingleside district of this fair city. It's a family store. Nothing fancy. They've got all the titles I want, and they can special order what I need. Gary and Roger are the owners, and you couldn't ask for two more friendly and knowledgeable guys. Gary joined me in the studio Monday night to talk about the world of comics, then and now.

If I was a superhero, what would my super powers be?

Would you like to hear this SUPER show?

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Do It: Rollins Band
Dr. Octopus: Stan Lee: Spiderman: Rock Reflections of a Superhero
Nice, Nice Very Nice: Ambrosia

Interview with Gary Buechler

Cissy Strut: The Meters
She's On It: Beastie Boys
Violent Pacification: DRI
400 Bucks: Supersuckers
Home Sweet Mobile Home: New Duncan Imperials

Interview with Gary Buechler

I Love You Peggy: Butthole Surfers
Who Stole the Keishka: Polkacide
Deseert Jewel: Jody Foster's Army
Citizens of the World: Dr. Know

Interview with Gary Buechler

Marvin's Groove: BW Souls
Cotati Funk: Quintessence
Something Different: Prepostions

Smokin' Cheeba-Cheeba: George Benson
The Hands of Time: Perfect Circle
Baba Hya: Lafayette Afro-Rock Band

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Season in Hell #103: Welcome Home

Tonight is my first show in our new home, deep in the heart of the Mission. We found a great spot on the top floor of an old brick building on the corner of Mission and 20th. I have to thank a great crew of DJs and staff for building the studio within our new space. We went from a 35 square foot (you read right) room, to about 650 sq. ft. WOW!

The opportunities are endless.

Today also marked the one year anniversary of the Occupy movement, so I through a set in there to celebrate. It's danceable. Enjoy.

I was all over the place in terms of genres tonight. From Bollywood to Thai Funk, from dub to prog-rock, you'll get your fill.

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Do It: Rollins Band
Make it Known: Foxygen

Clock Strikes Twelve: Dethtrip Forever
Anthem: King Tuff
Last Desire: Coves

Concert Outlook (Jam by Sandy Nassan)
Cleopatra: Lace Curtains
Underground: Sundog Summit
Blue Jay Way: The Beatles
Lekar Ham Diwana Dil: RD Burman, featuring Asha Bhosle and Kishmore Kumar

OudTaLud Bump (Hurtle Bump): Soonthorn Sujaridchan/Krongthong Tussanaphan
Heart of the Dragon: Lee Perry
Bakrobber Dub: The Clash

Superfly: Curtis Mayfield
Your Man My Man: Betty Davis

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Gil Scott-Heron
Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved: James Brown
Too Young to Die: Jamiroquai

Organic Anti-Beatbox Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
By Any Means Necessary: Steinski
The Art of Getting Jumped: Steinski

Step Right Up: Tom Waits
Heart of the Sunrise: Yes

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Season in Hell #102: Last Chance for Love

Well, here it is, the last night at Chez Poulet, our home for the first two years of Radio Valencia. Talk about punk rock! I'd like to thank Chicken John for his "hospitality". When he came to me two years asking if I would start a radio station here I told him as long as it didn't become "Radio Chicken". So, we're moving. I wonder why? Really though, we've just outgrown the space. All the best to Chicken and all of his endeavors. In the memorable words of the late, great Don Corleone "as long as your business doesn't conflict with mine".

For my last show until my next show next week at our new home, I thought I would do what I like to do best, play lots of new kick ass music in the first hour, and some slammin' tracks in the second, along with some priceless live cuts. Check out the playlist, below.

Here we go again for the last time.

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I even have a Facebook page for my show.


Do It: Rollins Band
Punk Prayer: Pussy Riot
Derek's Blues: Natural Child

Concert Outlook

Mexico: The Fearless Vampire Killers
Cheap Beer: FIDLAR
Sleepwalker: Moon Duo

Crushed Grass: Thee Oh Sees
The Righteous One: The Orwells
Pop Song: Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin

I'm Writing a Novel: Father John Misty
You Smell Like Fish: Nervous Eaters
Nobodies: TV Torso

I Am Not A Game: Ty Segall & White Fence

Summertime Blues: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts (08-08-81)
Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury: The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (06-12-92)

I Don't Want to Pray: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (05-29-12)
God of Thunder: The Melvins

Moving in Stereo: The Cars (08-19-78)
Space Station #5: Montrose

Whiskey River: Willie Nelson and Family (04-1978)
Stay All Night: Willie Nelson and Family (04-1978)
Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys: Willie Nelson and Family (04-1978)
The Race is On: George Jones (1979)

Loser: Grateful Dead (02-18-71)

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Season in Hell #101: Everyday I Love You Less and Less

A late post of my show from two weeks ago. Damn, I hate it when I don't post my show.

It was a good one too.


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Do It: Rollins Band

Don't Eat That Yellow Snow: Frank Zappa
Nanook Rubs It: Frank Zappa
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast: Frank Zappa
Father Oblivion: Frank Zappa
Cosmic Debris: Frank Zappa

Mantra: Material
The Invasion of Poland: John Lurie
From Her to Eternity: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Concert Outlook

Head: Dead C
Poems (Fragments): Jack Kerouac
Sanctity of Life: George Carlin
Always Look On The Bright Side of Life: Monty Python

Portland, Oregon: Loretta Lynn and Jack White
A Sound of Transition: Julie Andrews+
Tamalpais High (at about 3): David Crosby

Pale Blue Eyes: Patti Smith
Everyday I Love You Less and Less: Kaiser Chiefs
Louis CK on Gay Marriage
I Don't Want to be a Solider: John Lennon

Hurricane: Bob Dylan
Fuck the Police (Edit): NWA
Imagine: George W. Bush
Front My Cock: Prince Superstar vs. The Who

Ned Flanders: The Simpsons

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Season in Hell #100: I Spoil You

Tonight was my 100th show on Radio Valencia. There's something about that number. A one with two zeros following it. It's so....BIG! It's so solid, and right there in your face. I love things that are right there in your face.

I feel like Iron Mike Tyson. No, not really. He bit an ear off. I've never done that. I doubt I ever will. You never know though. I'm a lover, not a fighter. But I'm tough! I'm long-lasting. I'm reliable. Like. Mike. Tyson....Hmm... wait, let me think this over.

OK, I'm not like Mike Tyson, but my show will blow you away.

Sometimes you have to prepare like a fighter when you do a radio show. You have to know your opponent. In this case my opponent is the audience. I have to win you over. I have to get into your ear holes and make you beg for more. Don't worry, you'll get more. Ain't no Q-Tip gonna help you now.

Tonight it's all about the ROCK! There's so much rock in here, you'll be rolling all over the floor. In the second hour local guitar slinger and future porn star Eric "Snakey McSilver" McFadden dropped by. I've interviewed Eric a million times, but this has got to be the deepest, most hilarious interview with him yet. It's worth a listen. He tells road stories that go on for miles.

So much rock!

Stream this collectors edition right here.
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Do It: Rollins Band
Ramblin' Rose: MC5
Search and Destroy: The Stooges

Ass, Gas or Grass: Men's Club
Watch Outside: Mono Men
The Big Three Killed My Baby: The White Stripes

Theme From "Cheers": Titus Andronicus
Intro/Frustrating Sound: Radio Moscow
High Roller: Cheap Trick
Freedom Tickler: Triclops

More Beer: Fear
Brenda: John Spencer Blues Explosion
Master Race Rock: The Dictators

Dreaming: The Cherubs
Surfin' Bird: The Ramones
From Your Girl: The Muffs
You Can't Get Away From Me: Reverend Horton Heat

Eric McFadden in the studio

Don't Pray For Me: Faraway Brothers

Eric McFadden in the studio

Mexican Car Chase: Faraway Brothers
Devil Doll: X
I'm Spun: Mudhoney

Interview with future porn star Snakey McSilver

I Pissed on a Tree: Victims Family
If All is Lost: Eric McFadden
Hooch: The Melvins
Thunderbird: ZZ Top

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Season in Hell #99: Pull Your Pants Up

Tonight I could have beaten Usain Bolt. Maybe not his ego though. Then again. I wasn't on last week because I went camping at the great Camp & Sons, and participated in some debauchery, equaled only by those sturdy woodsmen of Bohemian Grove. Let's just say there were some unmentionables left behind. Anyway, I needed a week to recoup. So, here I am bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Most of the music tonight is from my library, so you know it's going to be tasty. And to look at the play list you'll notice that I'm mixing genres quite a bit. Isn't that what free form radio is all about?

Radio Valencia celebrated its 2nd anniversary on August 11th. We're all pretty excited about this. I'm going to be writing a separate piece about this in the next couple of days. Please look for it. In the meantime, Matthew Lasar of Radio Survivor hit me up to write a piece for them. You can check it out here. It talks about where we've been and where we're going. Speaking about where we're going, Radio Valencia is MOVING!!! It's time to stretch out a bit. We found a great space you'll be hearing a lot about in the weeks and months to come. A bigger space means bigger sound too. Yay!

In the meantime, check out the playlist, and click the links too.

You can stream this ridiculous show here.
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As always, enjoy.


Do It: Rollins Band
Somebody I Used To Know: Elliot Smith
Miss You: The Concretes

By The Time I Get To Phoenix: Public Enemy vs. Tijuana Brass
John Wayne Was A Nazi: The Stains
King King: Jimmy Castor Bunch
The Letter: Big Star

Concert Outlook

Butter + Toast: Reggie Watts
Hot Rod Lincoln: Commander Cody
Uglier: Redd Kross

Drink and Complain: Supersuckers
Boogie de la Muerte: Guadalupe Plata
Swingset: Steinski
She Shook Me Cold: David Bowie

N.E.S.T.A.: Antibalas

Sick Again: Led Zeppelin (08-11-79, Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, UK)
Goldfinger: Sex Mob (11-17-11, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venezia, ITALY)

I'm Waiting For My Man: Lou Reed (12-26-72)
Judy is Punk: The Ramones (05-12-76)
No Justice Tonight: The Clash with Mickey Dread (03-08-80)
Hey Good Lookin': The Minutemen (11-30-85)

Trailer Trash: Modest Mouse (07-23-03)
Hate the Police: Mudhoney (04-10-89)

Cosmic Charlie: Grateful Dead (01-17-69)

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Season in Hell #98: Movin' On Up

No guests tonight, though I did have a young lady in the studio who has an interest in all things art and entertainment. I really do enjoy talking to people about why radio is so awesome. Also, had a visit from Feast from FCCFreeRadio. I recruited Feast for that station a long time back. He's also on KFJC under another moniker: Dominic Trix.

As for music, Sherman Hemsley died last week, and who knew he was a pothead, and liked LSD and progressive rock? Also some brand new Redd Kross on vinyl because they ROCK!!! When I was standing in Aquarius Records this afternoon holding this LP, one of the employees said to me "that record rocks!". If an AQ employee tells you a record rocks, and they're not even asked, then you purchase that record, no questions asked. Got it?

I offer up a small 70th birthday tribute to Jerry Garcia with some acoustic solo performance, and some live Iron Maiden you won't find anywhere else. It's the 50th birthday of the Rolling Stones so I thought I'd throw in some very old Stones from 64. Good stuff here.

You really need to support live music. I've got a band for you: Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers. They are too much fun. Near the end of the show I play a cover of "You're No Good". If you don't know about Nicki Bluhm, then you need to check out The Van Sessions. You can thank me later.

Download this show, worthy of your criticism, here.
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Do It: Rollins Band

The Jefferson's Theme

Show Me The Way: Nektar
Hard Workin Man: Natural Child

Concert Outlook

The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid: FIDLAR
So Desperate: King Tuff
Time To Run: Lord Huron

Stay Away From Downtown: Redd Kross
Scum of The Moon: Black Jaspers
Living Wreck: Mudhoney

Out Of My World: Milk Music
I Never Talk To Strangers: Tom Waits and Bette Midler
You Are The Reason For My Troubles: The Mojomatics
Phonograph: Wooden Shjips

Interview with Marlon

Roman Tick: Fergus & Geronimo
Fisherman: Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family
Time Axe Bag Dad: Club Foot Orchestra

Ruben and Cherise: Jerry Garcia (04-10-82, Capitol Theater, NJ)
The Trooper: Iron Maiden (05-26-83)

Radios in Motion: XTC (06-03-78)
Route 66: Rolling Stones (05-25-64)
Not Fade Away: Rolling Stones (04-13-64)

Race is On: George Jones (1979)
You're No Good: Vicki Bluhm and the Gramblers (02-04-12)

Suck My Left One: Bikini Kill (09-21-92)
Kod Hang Kam (The Circle of Karma): Kana TNT

My Life with Rickets: Mark Arm

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Season in Hell #97: Catch A Rin Tin Tiger By Its Tail

Like many of you who live in San Francisco, I like to take advantage of all the free goings on in our fair city during the summer months. One of my absolute favorite things to do is Sunday Streets. This year, they were kind enough to allow the Mission to host four Sundays-worth of events. Lucky us.

At the beginning of July Radio Valencia broadcasted from in front of Stage Werx from 11-4. We had ten DJs, myself included, host 30-minute sets. I cannot convey to you the amount of pleasure we had hanging out in the streets with everyone. What a blast. My ladies and I walked around for a bit to take in all of the non-car-related ambiance. So many great local shops hawking their wares on the sidewalk, and live music in the intersections.

One of the bands, whom I've seen out there on previous Sunday Streets' was local alt-folk trio Rin Tin Tiger. Formerly Westwood & Willow, these homespun characters create a magnificent stew of unique musicianship, that also carries some of their influences, including Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and Morrissey. They've been playing a lot around the Bay Area since 2010, and released an excellent self-titled 6-song EP in 2011. Their first full-length release, "Toxic Pocketbook" is due for release this Thursday, July 26th. Their having a CD release party at Great American Music Hall that night. Go check them out.

Tonight on my show, I'm pleased to have Rin Tin Tiger in the studio, talking about the upcoming show, the new CD, their own style of alt-folk in a town known for punk, funk and junk.

Support live, local music, often.

Lots of new-ish music before and after the interview, along with some live, tasty treats in the second hour.

You can download this show, and glorious interview, here.
You may stream this program any time you wish, here.
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Do It: Rollins Band
In My Bed: The Orwells
(Gone) 'Round the Corner: Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound

When the Shelter Came: Dark Meat
We're So Ugly: Hornet Leg

Concert Outlook (James Blood Ulmer)

B$G P$MP$N: Natural Child
High School Roaches: Bass Drum Of Death
Shitty: Pangea
Apocalypse Dreams: Tame Impala

The Move Apart Parcel: Rin Tin Tiger
Interview with Rin Tin Tiger
Loud Man: Rin Tin Tiger
Funeral: Rin Tin Tiger

Interview with Rin Tin Tiger

Pretty Looks: Rin Tin Tiger
Summer In the City: Vietnam

Freedom Hangs Like Heaven: Iron & Wine
Candy: The Men

Five to One: The Doors (June 5, 1970)
Relax: The Who (April 6, 1968)

Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?: The Cramps ("The Tube" 1986-03-07)
Closet Queen: James Gang  (July 15, 1971)

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Season in Hell #96: I'll Skin You Alive

I AM NOT A LIAR! That being said, this is one fine show. When is the last time you listened to radio as a piece of art? Really, when? Radio is supposed to be a place where the DJ takes his or her VAST knowledge of musical history, and weaves it together to tell a story in a 2-4 hour period. At Radio Valencia we do it in two hour bites.

You're lucky, we don't rehash the same old crap that the commercial stations love to force down your throat. Nope, not here. At Radio Valencia we carefully craft shows that are thick and robust in flavor. Our shows you can take with you, and visit when nights are lonely.

Come on, take John Hell to bed. You know you want to.

If you would care to listen to my deep, velvety voice in bed, click here.
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Do It: Rollins Band
Buffalo Skinners: Woody Guthrie & Cisco Houston
Jubilee Train/Do Re Mi/Promised Land: Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men

Pretty Boy Floyd: The Byrds
Song For Woody: Bob Dylan

Song of the Prisoner: Hank Snow
Liar: Steve Martin
Dear Believer: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Soul Of Fire: Witch
Go To Hell: Alice Cooper

Kneel and Pray: Deep Purple (08-24-69 Amsterdam, Holland)
A Quick One While He's Away: The Who (09-29-69, Amsterdam, Holland)

Tekufah: Electric Masada (09-26-03, Tonic, NYC)

Aiethiopia: Sun Ra

My Generation: Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen (11-26-76, The Bottom Line NYC)
What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Season in Hell #95: A Turd Log in Foil

I want to thank Pirate Vereker (Mondays 6-8pm) for the idea for the show title tonight.

It's so much fun to just show up to the studio with an arm full of music, not knowing exactly what it is that I'm going to play. Once again, tonight was a fun night.

Download this epic show here.
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Do It: Rollins Band
Mexican Radio: Wall of Voodoo
Click your Fingers Applauding the Play: Roky Erickson

The Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson

Concert Outlook
Everything Scatter: Fela Kuti
Who Stole the Keeshka: Polkacide

Pee Wee Herman Theme: Mr. Bungle
The Salamander: Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant

Inner Ear Rupture->Baby, Won't You Weird Me Out?: Melvins Lite

20th Century Boy: Buckethead
I Had A Talk With My Woman: Tim Buckley
The Runaway: Danny O'Keefe

I Shall Not Be Moved: Public Enemy
Object Unknown: Kool Keith and DJ Spooky
Broadway Sam: Iceberg Slim
The Wild Bunch Trailer
Space-Age Couple: Captain Beefheart
Frankie and Albert: Taj Mahal

Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again: Bob Dylan
Pride of Man: Quicksilver Messenger Service

Alabama Song: The Doors (03-18-67 - Detroit, MI)

Monday, July 02, 2012

A Season in Hell #94: John Hell vs. the Rhythm of the Night

There's something about having no plan that leads to some of my finest shows. After weeks of doing featurettes, and having guests, tonight it's all about music I love (not saying that I don't love each and every track I play week-to-week) that I didn't have to work for.

A lot of "classics" on store for tonight.

You really must stream this show right NOW!!!
OK, maybe you should just download it and listen to it when you can crank it up.
Perhaps you enjoyed it so much that you find the need to listen to my previous shows. Good for you.


Do It: Rollins Band
Leon vs. The Revolution: Melvins Lite

Ano Onna no Onryou: Boris
Bar-B-Q Pope: Butthole Surfers

Khebar: Bar Kokhba
Iron Man: The Bad Plus
Nobody Does It Better: Sex Mob

Greedy Traveler: Rin Tin Tiger
Lord, Save My Soul: Ferocious Few
Hangin' Moon: Eric McFadden

Barn Burning: Dave Alvin
Trickle Down System: Giant Sand
A Change is Gonna Come: The Gits

I Swallowed a Dragonfly: Heartless Bastards
God Bless the Child: Kenny Burrell
The Cactus: 3rd Bass

Earth People: Dr. Octagon
She Watch Channel Zero: Public Enemy
Earache My Eye: Alice Bowie

Take a Letter Maria: R.B. Greaves
When My Baby's Beside Me: Big Star

Carpetbaggers: Jenny Lewis and Elvis Costello 

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Season in Hell #93: You Blew It

After last weeks' Rock Fight 8 I really had to have an easy come down with some studio cuts. This week features some absolutely unbelievable new sounds from some great groups you've probably haven't heard of. The second hour features some very young soulful women, an African Queen, the Godfather of Soul, The Psych Kings of the UK, and much, MUCH more!

Also, I was visited by some of my former students tonight. When I teach I don't tell them about my current radio station. I wait until they've graduated before I bring up the more stylized side of me. It was great to hear about their college exploits and connect with them on another level.

They caught a really great show. Indeed, the segues are tight, the grooves are seamless, and the selection is tip top notch.


Per the usual, you can stream the show here.
Download and keep this memento here.
Check out all of my previous Radio Valencia shows by clicking here, or just scroll down.

This Sunday, July 1st, Radio Valencia will be broadcasting live from in front of Stage Werx for Sunday Streets. This is one of the best community events SF has ever had. They're closing down Valencia Street from 14th to 24th, and 24th all the way down to around Harrison. We'll be broadcasting from 11-4pm that day. We'll have Radio Valencia t-shirts for sale and lots of DJs on hand, including me!

Come by and say hello.

See you on the radio.

Do It: Rollins Band
San Francisco Breakdown: Doctor Ross

Middle Class: Toxin 3
All the Time: Dante Elephante

Ruin: Cat Power
I'll Come Back 4 U: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Important: Way Yes
Miss Me When I'm Gone: The Mojomatics
Druganaut: Black Mountain
Writing a Novel: Father John Misty

I Don't Want to Pray: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Billy Holiday: Warpaint

Makers: White Fence
There But For The Grace Of God Go I: The Gories

Scotch On The Socks: The Shadows
Don't Make The Good Girls Go Bad: Della Humphrey

Girls can't do what the guys do: Betty Wright
Is It Me You Really Love: Black Velvet
I'm Coming Home: The Almighty Defenders
I Feel Good 1975: James Brown
Wild and Free: Curtis Mayfield

The Pusher: Nina Simone
Feeling High: Witch
Extraordinary Woman: The Psychedelic Alliens
Summer 68: Pink Floyd
God Talk: Leon "Whitey" Thompson
Roll Away the Stone: Leon Russell

It's A Dream: Lil' Ed & The Soundmasters
Rough Rider: The Hygrades

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Season in Hell #92: ROCK FIGHT 8!!!

Here we go again.

Every June and December Rotten Ronnie Donovan of Firehouse Kustom Posters and I host Rock Fight, a four hour deluge into our bootleg vaults. Ever since Ron was forced to get on the wagon the shows have been superb (I still kick his ass each and every time). Tonight was one of the BEST.

Lot's of guests tonight, including a legendary live music recorder (he who cannot be named), local guitar gunslinger Eric McFadden and his lovely Super D, Metallica official fanzine "So What" editor Steffan Chirazi, and a phone interview with Butthouse of Limbomaniacs. WOW!

This and some amazing live bootleg music too. The fourth hour is the premier of the newly released (unofficial of course) Led Zeppelin "Snowblind" from 03-20-75 Vancouver, which Ron Donovan did the art for.

Listen in and decide for yourself who won this edition of ROCK FIGHT! (it was me).

Stream this Part 1 of this collectible show here.
Stream Part 2 here.
Download Part 1 and illegally share it with the world here.
Download Part 2 here.
Listen to all of my shows by clicking here, or just scroll down.



Rocky Mountain Way: Joe Walsh (09-24-73 Arlington, Texas) John Hell (JH)
Cat Scratch Fever: Ted Nugent (03-18-78, San Bernardino) Ron Donovan (RD)
Let There Be Rock: AC/DC (12-09-79, Paris, France) JH

If you can't Rock Me: Rolling Stones (07-13-75, Los Angeles, CA) RD
Get off of my Cloud: Rolling Stones (07-13-75, Los Angeles, CA) RD

Rock Block #1 John Hell
Cities on Flame: Blue Oyster Cult (10-12-79, Chicago, IL)
The Warrior: Thin Lizzy (05-14-76, Detroit, MI)

Rock Block #1 Ron Donovan
The Phoenix: The Cult, Waterloo Records, 03-16-12, Austin, TX)
Purple Haze->Red Hot Mama: Bootsy Collins (07-09-11, Zurich, Switzerland)

Hour 2
Somebody Get Me A Doctor: Van Halen (Gene Simmons Demos, May 1976) JH
Time to Get Ill: Beastie Boys (07-05-98 Belgium) JH
Running with the Devil: Van Halen (06-01-78, London, England) RD

King of the Nighttime World: Kiss (09-06-76, Cleveland, OH) JH
I'm Nationwide: ZZ Top (08-30-80, Passaic, NJ) RD
Fairies Wear Boots: Black Sabbath (01-08-99, San Jose, CA) JH

Rock the Nation: Montrose Benefit (04-27-12, Regency Ballroom, SF, CA) Special guest of RD
The Voyger: Gamma (11-13-80, SF, CA) JH
No Tears: Gamma (11-17-79 Denver, CO) RD

Interview with Eric McFadden

Queen Dreamer: Eric McFadden with T.E.N
Fractured Light: Eric McFadden with T.E.N

Interview with Eric McFadden

I'm Losing You: The Faces (04-05-73) JH
Clash City Rockers: The Clash (08-17-82, Akron OH) JH
High Roller: Cheap Trick (03-28-97, The Edge, Palo Alto CA) JH

Interview with Steffan Chirazi of Metallica's "So What" Fanzine

Fight Fire with Fire: Metallica (12-20-84 Lyceum Theater, London, England)

Interview with Steffan Chirazi of Metallica's "So What" Fanzine

Reborn: Slayer (Riff Tapes)
Piece by Piece: Slayer (Riff Tapes)

Hour Four:
Seek and Destory: Metallica (03-15-85, Kabuki, SF, CA) RD
Fish On->Tommy the Cat: Primus (11-17-93, Dallas, Texas) JH

Interview with Butthouse of Limbomaniacs

Free Style: Limbomaniacs (01-02-10, Slims, SF, CA)

Trampled Underfoot: Led Zeppelin (03-20-75, Vancouver, B.C., Canada "Snowblind") JH
Sick Again: Led Zeppelin (03-20-75, Vancouver, B.C., Canada "Snowblind") RD

Mr. Slinky: Blu Chunks (Demos) JH

It's pretty obvious by the looks of who played what that I once again SLAYED Ron. Listen in to the music and the banter, and I'm sure you'll agree.

Better luck next time, Ron.