Monday, August 27, 2012

A Season in Hell #101: Everyday I Love You Less and Less

A late post of my show from two weeks ago. Damn, I hate it when I don't post my show.

It was a good one too.


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Do It: Rollins Band

Don't Eat That Yellow Snow: Frank Zappa
Nanook Rubs It: Frank Zappa
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast: Frank Zappa
Father Oblivion: Frank Zappa
Cosmic Debris: Frank Zappa

Mantra: Material
The Invasion of Poland: John Lurie
From Her to Eternity: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Concert Outlook

Head: Dead C
Poems (Fragments): Jack Kerouac
Sanctity of Life: George Carlin
Always Look On The Bright Side of Life: Monty Python

Portland, Oregon: Loretta Lynn and Jack White
A Sound of Transition: Julie Andrews+
Tamalpais High (at about 3): David Crosby

Pale Blue Eyes: Patti Smith
Everyday I Love You Less and Less: Kaiser Chiefs
Louis CK on Gay Marriage
I Don't Want to be a Solider: John Lennon

Hurricane: Bob Dylan
Fuck the Police (Edit): NWA
Imagine: George W. Bush
Front My Cock: Prince Superstar vs. The Who

Ned Flanders: The Simpsons

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Season in Hell #100: I Spoil You

Tonight was my 100th show on Radio Valencia. There's something about that number. A one with two zeros following it. It's so....BIG! It's so solid, and right there in your face. I love things that are right there in your face.

I feel like Iron Mike Tyson. No, not really. He bit an ear off. I've never done that. I doubt I ever will. You never know though. I'm a lover, not a fighter. But I'm tough! I'm long-lasting. I'm reliable. Like. Mike. Tyson....Hmm... wait, let me think this over.

OK, I'm not like Mike Tyson, but my show will blow you away.

Sometimes you have to prepare like a fighter when you do a radio show. You have to know your opponent. In this case my opponent is the audience. I have to win you over. I have to get into your ear holes and make you beg for more. Don't worry, you'll get more. Ain't no Q-Tip gonna help you now.

Tonight it's all about the ROCK! There's so much rock in here, you'll be rolling all over the floor. In the second hour local guitar slinger and future porn star Eric "Snakey McSilver" McFadden dropped by. I've interviewed Eric a million times, but this has got to be the deepest, most hilarious interview with him yet. It's worth a listen. He tells road stories that go on for miles.

So much rock!

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Do It: Rollins Band
Ramblin' Rose: MC5
Search and Destroy: The Stooges

Ass, Gas or Grass: Men's Club
Watch Outside: Mono Men
The Big Three Killed My Baby: The White Stripes

Theme From "Cheers": Titus Andronicus
Intro/Frustrating Sound: Radio Moscow
High Roller: Cheap Trick
Freedom Tickler: Triclops

More Beer: Fear
Brenda: John Spencer Blues Explosion
Master Race Rock: The Dictators

Dreaming: The Cherubs
Surfin' Bird: The Ramones
From Your Girl: The Muffs
You Can't Get Away From Me: Reverend Horton Heat

Eric McFadden in the studio

Don't Pray For Me: Faraway Brothers

Eric McFadden in the studio

Mexican Car Chase: Faraway Brothers
Devil Doll: X
I'm Spun: Mudhoney

Interview with future porn star Snakey McSilver

I Pissed on a Tree: Victims Family
If All is Lost: Eric McFadden
Hooch: The Melvins
Thunderbird: ZZ Top

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Season in Hell #99: Pull Your Pants Up

Tonight I could have beaten Usain Bolt. Maybe not his ego though. Then again. I wasn't on last week because I went camping at the great Camp & Sons, and participated in some debauchery, equaled only by those sturdy woodsmen of Bohemian Grove. Let's just say there were some unmentionables left behind. Anyway, I needed a week to recoup. So, here I am bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Most of the music tonight is from my library, so you know it's going to be tasty. And to look at the play list you'll notice that I'm mixing genres quite a bit. Isn't that what free form radio is all about?

Radio Valencia celebrated its 2nd anniversary on August 11th. We're all pretty excited about this. I'm going to be writing a separate piece about this in the next couple of days. Please look for it. In the meantime, Matthew Lasar of Radio Survivor hit me up to write a piece for them. You can check it out here. It talks about where we've been and where we're going. Speaking about where we're going, Radio Valencia is MOVING!!! It's time to stretch out a bit. We found a great space you'll be hearing a lot about in the weeks and months to come. A bigger space means bigger sound too. Yay!

In the meantime, check out the playlist, and click the links too.

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As always, enjoy.


Do It: Rollins Band
Somebody I Used To Know: Elliot Smith
Miss You: The Concretes

By The Time I Get To Phoenix: Public Enemy vs. Tijuana Brass
John Wayne Was A Nazi: The Stains
King King: Jimmy Castor Bunch
The Letter: Big Star

Concert Outlook

Butter + Toast: Reggie Watts
Hot Rod Lincoln: Commander Cody
Uglier: Redd Kross

Drink and Complain: Supersuckers
Boogie de la Muerte: Guadalupe Plata
Swingset: Steinski
She Shook Me Cold: David Bowie

N.E.S.T.A.: Antibalas

Sick Again: Led Zeppelin (08-11-79, Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, UK)
Goldfinger: Sex Mob (11-17-11, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venezia, ITALY)

I'm Waiting For My Man: Lou Reed (12-26-72)
Judy is Punk: The Ramones (05-12-76)
No Justice Tonight: The Clash with Mickey Dread (03-08-80)
Hey Good Lookin': The Minutemen (11-30-85)

Trailer Trash: Modest Mouse (07-23-03)
Hate the Police: Mudhoney (04-10-89)

Cosmic Charlie: Grateful Dead (01-17-69)