Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Season In Hell #28: Being for the Benefit of Mr. Growden

What a great show, if I do say so myself. Katy Bell stopped in to talk about the benefit she's producing this Saturday night, at 12 Galaxies, for friend/musician Mark Growden. He broke his back when his bike frame broke during a ride. Ouch!

Go here for more info about the benefit.

I'm changing my format some. The first hour will feature an interview. The second hour will be new music. I'm thinking of some kind of countdown, but that probably won't happen. The third hour will be genre focused; different week, different genre. The fourth hour will be more on the avant garde side. I think the late hours should allow your mind to wander as far out as it can. I'll do my best.

You can download the show here.


Play list: A Season in Hell #28: Being for the Benefit of Mr. Growden

I Love Living in the City: Dank Jones
Satisfaction: PJ Harvey & Bjork

Senorita: Ovarian Trolley
Surfin’ USA: Melt Banana
California Sun: The Dictators
Hundreds of Years: Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Pocahontas Was Her Name: Billy Childish & the Singing Loins

Katy Bell interview

Frisco Line: Rube Waddell
Television Man: Man or Astroman
Amos Moses: Jerry Reed

Katy Bell interview

61 Sideburns: The Capstan Shafts
Strawberry Guillotine: Sic Alps

Don’t Sleep With Whores: The Invisible Hand
Who’s Gonna Care: Cause Co-Motion!

Mary Ellen Claims: Tyvek
Paranoia Strikes Again: Torn Curtains
I’ve Always Been Content: No Paws (No Lions)

Wet Nightmare: Munch Munch
Stupid Street: Home Blitz
The Power of Independent Trucking: Big Black

Own Up Time: Jack O’Fire
I Hear Goodnight: Low/Dirty
Notes and Chords Mean Nothing To Me: The Monkeywrench
Cocaine: Richard Pryor
King Kong: Jimmy Castor Bunch
Since You’ve Been Gone: James Brown

Train Blue: Masato Minami
The Rain Falls: Suishou No Fune
I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier Mama: John Lennon

Track 1: Fushitsusha
Like Death: High Rise
Tenshi No Gijinka 1: Keiji Haino

Banks of the Royal Canal: Bob Dylan
Two Fools: Francine King
Creole Love Call: Roland Kirk
Theme deYoyo: Art Ensemble of Chicago

Heart of the Sunrise: Yes

Caution (Do Not Step on the Tracks)>
We Bid You Goodnight: Grateful Dead, 02-28-69

Blah, Blah, Blah: Lenny Bruce
Up In Smoke (reprise): Cheech and Chong

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Season In Hell #27: School Layoffs and a Dry Demartini

A Season in Hell #27: School Layoffs, and a Dry Demartini

Tonight on the show, I spoke a bit about the California budget crises, which has led to a $40 million cut in education in SFUSD, where I teach. I, myself, have received a layoff notice, and it will hit me hard if I do not return to teaching next year. Hopefully the school district and the city/county of San Francisco will be able to come to a deal, regarding the city's rainy day fund, and then they can rescind thee layoffs. Keep your fingers crossed please.

An old friend stopped by to say hello: Curtis Demartini. curtis was the former button monkey for Live 105 morning show host Alex Bennett, back in the 90s. We met at Burning Man, when I invited him to come on and do a show. We used to make a lot of fun of Alex. He's easy to make fun of.

Curtis and Chuck Farnum (who phoned in) have a website, you can access here. They look for a weird time wherever they can find it.

You can access the entire show here. See the play list below.

I love livin; in the city: Danko Jones
Hard Time Killer Floor Blues: Skip James
Hard to be Humble: Mac Davis

Black Cross: 45 Grave
Freak Shop USA: Monster Magnet

Curtis Demartini & Chuck Farnum

Army of Ideal: Nothing People
What do you want from Life?: The Tubes

Curtis Demartini & Chuck Farnum

Come on, come on: Little Birdie
Gli Amanti D'Oltretomba: Black Sunday
These Days: Psychedelic Horseshit

Still Sleep: Tyvek
Movies for You: Little Claw

Message from the law: Sic Alps
Relentless Machines: Thomas Function
Alergy: Times New Viking
Sexiest: Sonic Chicken 4
Teabag Party: King Khan & BBQ

Killy Kundane: Dirty Three
Lanky: Syd Barrett
James Bond Theme: Naked City (12-05-90)

Flower Sun Rain: Boris (11-18-06)
You Don’t Love Me: Bloomfield Super Session
Shotgun Blues: Downchild Blues Band
Whiskey & Women: Hooker & Heat

Bring it on Back Home: Sonny Boy Williamson
Rap: Neil Cassidy
Cryptical Envelopment->
The Other One->
Cryptical Envelopment: The Grateful Dead (02-27-69)

?: John Coltrane (06-26-65)
Streams of Whiskey: The Pogues

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Season in Hell #26: Dope, Guns and Lawyers in the Street

I had two, count them two, guests on tonight: Ragi the lawyer, and the amazing, the wonderful, the splendiferous MC that is Mikl-em.

The show opens with an hour of courtly debate, when Ragi the lawyer comes by and threatens the listeners, saying he will refuse to take their questions off line, unless they call the show and ask him questions on line. Take a listen to just what exactly happened.

Mikl-em comes by after with a butt-load of great punk/indie music. Mikl-em and I have a hard time going two seconds without talking music. And you better be in the know when you're around us, because we're elitist snobs, you sot.

What exactly is a butt-load anyway?

Take a listen here.

I Love Livin’ In The City: Danko Jones
A Change is Gonna Come
Vicious: Lou Reed (12-26-72)
Where Eagles Dare: Bratmobile
See No Evil: Television

Ragi the Lawyer

Under the Shade: Fantasy
Bud In Yo Pocket: 50 Million
Sexy Boy: Fantasy
Far Away Eyes: Rolling Stones

Aint No Water in the Well: Husker Du
Pink Turns to Blue: Husker Du
If Regan Played Disco: Minutemen
Inhuman: Sonic Youth
Perry: Butthole Surfers

Just Got Paid: Rapeman
Hit a Man: Treat Her Right
Ace of Spades: Paska
Waiting Room: Red Hot Chili Peppers

I Heard it on the X: Olivelawn
Aint Talkin’ About Love: Minutemen
Towers of Dub: The Dylan Group
Black Diamond: The Replacements
The Orchids: Califone
Loop 41 Houston: The Fall

Drunkard’s Lament: Firewater
Alcohol: The Kinks
Bombed: Mark Lanegan
God’s Been Drinking: Bernadette Seacrest & Her Yes Men
Blues in A: Robyn Hitchcock
Beer: Artless
Mary Marie: Tom Verlaine
Carmelita: Warren Zevon

I’m Fucking Matt Damon
I’m Fucking Ben Afflec
Free James Brown (so he can run me down): Foetus
Hemo thee Cuckold: Foetus
Bombe A Mano: Mike Patton
We Care A Lot: Faith No More

Kissin’ Cousins: The Saints
Sistine Chapel: Hell Mach 4
Reality Dealer: I Am Spoonbender
No Firture: Rah Bras
Lean Woman Blues: T Rex

I don't drink white zinfindel either. ew.