Monday, March 24, 2014

A Season in Hell #167: Honey Pot Radio!

Honey Pot Radio has invaded A Season in Hell!

Are you wondering why there are so few songs listed below in a four hour show? These are not long songs, so what's the deal-y-o? I'll tell you what the deal-y-o is, homeboy, it's all about HONEY POT RADIO!!!

Oh crap, did we do this right tonight?!?!?!

For two hours DJ Justin Credible and myself, along with a cast of characters, including: Sargent Sauce, CyberSam, Wrybread, KROB, Pirate Verkeer, Daimo, Erica, Paul, Yaz, and whoever else showed up, livened up the Radio Valencia airwaves, by pranking about 20 or so callers, live on air!

Mostly Justin and I would cold call friends or Craigslist posts, disguise our voices, and get wicked with it. There are some real doosies in there.

It went beyond midnight, but that's when I took off. I couldn't handle any more King Cobra.

The question you're all going to want answered is: when y'all going to do this again???

You'll just have to tune in and find out. This show is pretty ridiculous, even for me. 



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A Season in Hell with John Hell
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Rocked by Rape: Evolution Control Committee
Blue Flowers: Dr. Octogon
To All the Girls/Shake Your Rump: Beastie Boys

It Grows at Night: Kalrissian
Baby's on Fire: RUOK

Rubber Ducky: Sesame Street Fever
Deep Inside Your Cosmic Body Erotic: Annie Sprinkle

Honey Pot will rock your world!

It's pretty much all prank phone calls between 9PM and midnight.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Season in Hell #166: DOWN IN FRONT!!!

I love hosting local live bands in the studio. They're just so darn eager and flattering. On tonight's show, Julie and Japa of Down in Front are on to talk up their Tahoe Corridor Tour, and their new LP/CD The Donut Shop. I love these two so much, for so many reasons, not the least of which is their musical acumen. But really, their witty repartee is worth the price of admission.

Their raising funds to record their first full-length: Down in Front does the Donut Shop. Check out their Kickstarter page, and please consider throwing them some dough. HA, I said it!

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A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF

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Up In Smoke: Cheech and Chong
Since You've Been Gone: James Brown
Two Fools: Francine King

She Shook Me Cold: David Bowie
Theme de Yoyo: Art Ensemble of Chicago

Down in Front perform live!

In Heaven There is no Beer: Polkacide
They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore: Kinky Friedman
Clothes of the Dead: Bongos, Bass and Bob

New York: Sex Pistols
One of the Boys: Mott the Hoople
Other Stars: Wooden Shjips

Fearless: Pink Floyd
John Barleycorn: Traffic
Battle of Evermore: Led Zeppelin
Sploosh!: Ozric Tentacles

The Letter: The Box Tops

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Season in Hell #165: It's Birmingham Bitches!

How many bands can you name from Birmingham England?

What is it about this town? Tonight on A Season in Hell, John Hell and Steffan Chirazi break it down. From this landlocked industrial town, came a myriad of talented groups of many genres, all of whom were a strong influence on bands that followed.

We don't follow a conventional path for the show, and right out of the gate you can tell that we want to bash you over the head. But hold on tight, as we take you down dirty steel town road of early heavy metal, punk, and industrial.

From the Wikipedia page on Birmingham:
"During the 1960s Birmingham was the home of a music scene comparable to that of Liverpool.[131] Although it produced no single band as big as The Beatles it was a "a seething cauldron of musical activity", and the international success of groups such as The Move, The Spencer Davis Group, The Moody Blues, Traffic and the Electric Light Orchestra had a collective influence that stretched into the 1970s and beyond.[131] The city was the birthplace of heavy metal music,[132] with pioneering metal bands from the late 1960s and 1970s such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and half of Led Zeppelin having come from Birmingham. The next decade saw the influential metal bands Napalm Death and Godflesh arise from the city. Birmingham was the birthplace of modern bhangra in the 1960s,[133] and by the 1980s had established itself as the global centre of bhangra culture,[134] which has grown into a global phenomenon embraced by members of the Indian diaspora worldwide from Los Angeles to Singapore.[133] The 1970s also saw the rise of reggae and ska in the city with such bands as Steel Pulse, UB40, Musical Youth, Beshara and The Beat, expounding racial unity with politically leftist lyrics and multiracial line-ups, mirroring social currents in Birmingham at that time.

We don't get to all of these find bands, but I think you'll enjoy what we play, as well as the banter, mostly supplied by Steffan, as he waxes poetic about Birmingham and the many stories of its vast musical history.

You're sure to learn something to help round out your musical knowledge tonight on A Season in Hell.



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A Season in Hell with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF

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Necessary Evil: Napalm Death
Multinational Corporations/Instinct of Survival: Napalm Death
Knights in White Satin: Moody Blues

Symphony of the Universe: Black Sabbath
Snowblind: Black Sabbath
The Wizard: Black Sabbath

Brontosaurus: The Move
Don't Bring Me Down: ELO
Race Against Time: GBH

Metal Gods: Judas Priest
Victim of Changes: Judas Priest
Steeler: Judas Priest

Cum On Feel the Noize: Slade
Circle of Shit: Godflesh
No More Weapons: Steel Pulse
Vanilla: Rufige Kru/Goldie

Black Dog: Led Zeppelin
Whole Lotta Love: Led Zeppelin

Jailbreak: Thin Lizzy