Monday, August 29, 2011

A Season in Hell #52: Radio Valencia: Just You and I...Again

Do It: Rollins Band
2000 Man (The Rolling Stones cover): Kiss
20th Century Man: The Kinks
Jerkin' Krokus (Mott The Hoople cover): The Melvins

Concert Outlook (music bed One Big Yes: The Lounge Lizards)

Low Desert Punk: Brant Bjork
Women Are The New Men: Electric Tickle Machine
You Were There: The Ettes

The Colour Red: The Keys
Slave For My Cave : Shouting Thomas & The Torments
Love The Way You Walk Away: Blitzen Trapper

Immigrant Noise: DJ Z-Trip
State/Meant: Megafaun

Hour Two:
Chevy Beretta: Jonny Corndawg

Back Door Man: Hooker and Heat (04-15-71)
The Spirit of the Drum: Gil Scott-Heron (01-16-78)

In 'N' Out of Grace: Mudhoney (08-29-89)
Love Me: Elvis Presley (10-06-74)
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You: Bob Dylan (12-08-75)

I'm A Man: Chicago Transit Authority (09-13-69)
Sticks and Stones: Joe Cocker and Mad Dogs (04-26-70)

Steppin In Her I. Miller Shoes: Betty Davis (07-25-76)
Everybody Loves Somebody: Dean Martin

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Season in Hell #51: Radio Valencia:

Fun nights often happen when you least expect it. Tonight I was pleased to have singer/guitarist Pamela Parker in the studio, along with sousaphone player Ed Ivey. They're playing a big show with Eric McFadden this Thursday night at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma. See the above flyer for info. There are lots of fine musicians on the bill.

We tried to call Eric McFadden and Robin, I mean Patsy MacDonald of Shake Well. Neither were around, so you'll have to listen to the message I left on their phone. Funny stuff there.

Second hour features some tasty live material. Check it out.


Do It: Rollins Band
Happy Boy: Beat Farmers
Caring Is Creepy: The Shins

Peeping Tomboy: Kurt Vile

Interview with Carl Grubbs and Pamela Parker

Carnival: Pamela Parker and the Subterraneans, featuring Eric McFadden

Interview with Carl Grubbs and Pamela Parker

Hangin' Moon: Eric McFadden

Interview with Carl Grubbs and Pamela Parker and Ed Ivey

Rise and Shine: Eric McFadden
Chocolate Jesus: Tom Waits
When My Baby Comes: Grinderman

Window Shopping: Boris

Unemployed Black Astronaut: Busdriver
Jigsaw Puzzle: The Rolling Stones

Superstition: Stevie Ray Vaughan (04-29-90)
54-46 Was My Number: Toots and the Maytals (10-01-75)

Scarlet Begonias->Fire on the Mountain (09-14-78)

Sweat Loaf: Butthole Surfers (05-10-86)
Badge: Cream (05-05-05)

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Season in Hell #50: Radio Valencia: In the Boondocks

I had local band, Boondock Squad in the studio tonight. These young men are making some fresh sounds. Their music has a cause, and reminds me a bit of Rage Against the Machine, but even more relevant. Really! Check 'em out.

Do It: Rollins Band
Heathen Child: Grinderman

Interview with Boondock Squad

Kings: Boondock Squad

Interview with Boondock Squad

Smell the Sunshine: Boondock Squad

Shout outs from the Boondock Squad

When Monkeys Make Music: Boondock Squad
Make It N.Y.: Ghostface Killah
Brooklyn Funk Essentials: The Revolution Was Postponed Because of Rain

Sitting And Thinking: Lord Loves A Working Man
Two Fools: Francine King
Sixty-Minute Man: The Dominoes

The Best Is Yet To Come: Tony Bennett (01-06-06)
Lilin: Electric Masada (06-25-08)

Lovely Butterfly: The Melvins (03-09-04)
The Needle and the Damage Done: Neil Young (02-01-71)
Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More: Mudhoney (08-29-89)
Buck Wylin->Public Enemy No. 1->Don't Believe the Hype: Public Enemy (06-27-92)
Flip Flop and Fly: Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones

Everyday People: Sly and the Family Stone (09-01-69)
Tom Violence: Sonic Youth (08-17-90)
Fishin' Blues: Taj Mahal (05-16-73)
Small Change: Tom Waits (07-26-79)

The False Husband: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan (11-30-08)

Monday, August 08, 2011

A Season in Hell #49: Radio Valencia: Courtney Rocks RV!

Tonight I welcome guest DJ Courtney to the show. Like Jay from a few weeks ago, Courtney put some money down in an auction to raise some dough for AIDS WALK SF. I auctioned off a couple of guest DJ spots, and she got it. It turns out we have a lot of the same friends...from 20 years ago!!!

The first hour belongs to DJ Courtney. I take the blame for the rest. Hour two features a new track from Mark Growden and some live Eric McFadden.

Click here to listen to archived show.


Do It: Rollins Band

Guest DJ Courtney:
Criminal: Fiona Apple
Kundalini Express: Love and Rockets

Gucci Gucci: Kreayshawn
Super-Massive Blackhole: Muse

Friends of Mine: Duran Duran
Love Etc: Pet Shop Boys
Bring on the Dancing Horses: Echo and the Bunnymen

Goodbye Horses: Q Lazarus
Cry me a River: Cliks
Song to the Siren: This Mortal Coil

These Things Take Time: The Smiths

Hour two belongs to me.
Le Peuple En Suisse: Nina Simone

Old Lady from Brewster: Mark Growden and LaTosha Brown
Dum Maro Dum: Asha Bhosle w/R.D. Burman
Little Sadie: Mark Lanegan

Puppet to the Man: Kurt Vile
Had to Cry Today->So What: Eric McFadden Trio (06-26-11)

Concert Outlook

Nubian Sundance: Weather Report (05-04-75)
Obscured by Clouds->When You're In: Pink Floyd (03-14-73)

Monday, August 01, 2011

A Season in Hell #48: Radio Valencia: Noise and Education

I was walking a friend down Clarion Alley a few weeks ago, when I came across this guy playing “music” on a guitar, plugged into a cassette deck, and running through a small amp. I threw him a Radio Valencia sticker and told him to hit me up. His name is J. Lee and he’s in the studio with me tonight. Wow! I love this town. You can check out his stuff here:

The friend I was walking down the alley happens to be with the National Academy Foundation (NAF), who were in town two weeks ago for their annual education summit, which brings in about 1400 educators from around the nation. I’m a teacher, and I used to teach in a NAF academy. I believe strongly in the need for education reform. I walk the walk. During the conference I had the pleasure of sitting down with some NAF alumni as well as some current 12 graders to discuss how NAF has benefited them. I’ll be playing the interview tonight. If you’re interested in the future of education in America, I suggest you tune in.

Here's the link to the archived show.

Do It: Rollins Band
Black Betty: The Melvins

National Academy Foundation
--Music Bed: The Dreamers, by John Zorn

Lazy Bones: Wooden Shjips

J.Lee performing live on A Season in Hell

Interview with J. Lee

The Envelope: The Rabbles

Rocked by Rape: Evolution Control Committee
Over the Edge (12/31/89): Negativeland
Remixed George W. Bush at Ft. Bragg 06-28-05
Cyrano->Mr. Tambourine Man: William Shatner
Schoolkids vs. Disco Illuminati
2 Drunk 2 Fuck: Avenue D
Star Spangled Banner: Kronos Quartet
Pepsi Jingle: T-Rex

Pirate Radio Killed the Video Star: Mongoloid

Champagne Tastes, Beer Pockets: Lord Loves A Working Man
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime: Dean Martin