Monday, December 26, 2016

Hell's Kitchen Radio #286: Lauson the Elf

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Do you have any idea how incredibly lucky I am to have the coolest 12 year old daughter, who loves art, and legos and engineering, and movies, and books, and meeting new people, and can hang out with pretty much everyone, and wants people to be friends, so is always introducing people to one another so they too can be friends, AND is willing to come on my radio show every few months when she doesn't have school the next day, to share music that she likes (much of which I couldn't care less about, but since she's my kid I'm happy to amuse her and happily let her program her own sets on my show)? Her choices are marked with a "L".

I believe this was Little Lauson Hell's 8th show in four years. I remember her first show when she was about 7 and it took her a little while to warm up to the idea of talking on mic. She was shy until she was no longer shy. That's my girl. I have links below to all of her previous shows. Way too much fun. I love interviewing her on the air. It's worth the time to tune in just to hear what it's like to be a young lady in the city. Awesome kid through and through.

Little Lauson Hell's many visits to Hell's Kitchen:
First show in 2012
Second show in 2014
Third show also in 2014
Fourth show in spring of 2015
Fifth show in the summer of 2015
Sixth show in summer 2016 along with Saucy!
Seventh show was also during summer 2016



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There Ain't No Santa Claus On The Evenin' Stage: Captain Beefheart
Reasonable World: The Blind Shake
You Will Find It Here: Thee Oh Sees

House of Gold: Twenty One Pilots (L)
Get it Together: Beastie Boys
Waitress Song: First Aid Kit

Stone Soul Christmas: Binky Criptite
Your Mother Should Know: The Beatles (L)
C is for Cookie: Cookie Monster (L)
Miss You: The Concretes

Emotional Mugger/Leopard Priestess: Emotional Mugger
Without Me: Eminem (L)
John Wayne was a Nazi: Stains
A Taste of Honey: Tony Bennett
Planet of the Apes: The Mummies

Don't Let Me Go: G-Eazy (ft. Grace) (L)
Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday
N.I.B.: Brown Sabbath

Kathy's Song: Simon and Garfunkle
Makeba: Jain
James Brown Ate My Bagpipe: Taxi Chain

Nancy From Now On: Father John Misty
Tamalpais High (at about 3): David Crosby
Portland, Oregon: Loretta Lynn

Drugs on the Bus: Crystal Fairy

She'll kill me but here's a video of her when she was five. We're friends with the Lifesize Mousetrap Game peeps. They let her start the game at Maker Faire in San Mateo back in 2011.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hell's Kitchen Radio #285: Best of 2016

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What a mess this year was in so many ways, but not in music! There's always too much good music for me to share during this show. I should really host a four hour show to feature all of my faves, but then I would be stepping on other Radio Valencia shows, who also have such choice tunes to throw your way.

My Best of 2016 is full of soul, garage, punk, metal, Nick Cave and Bowie. I have a few re-issues thrown in there for good measure, and a track or two you haven't hear on my show before, but the artists you certainly have. Please tune into Radio Valencia throughout the next few weeks as our many show hosts will be sharing their Best of shows with you.

Next Monday night will see the return of Little Lauson Hell. She's 12 now, and has decided that her taste in music is way better than mine. She may be right. You decide.



Hell's Kitchen with John Hell
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Make America Great Again: Pussy Riot
Fucked Up Donald: DOA
Green Sugar: Kikagaku Moyo

Plastic Plant: Thee Oh Sees
Glass Eye: Charles Mootheart (CFM)

Lazarus: David Bowie
To Melt the Moon: Rangda

Valley Girl: Meatbodies
Barrell: Naked Lights
I Want To Tell You: The Melvins

Warsawng: Glitter Wizard
The Sadist: Zig Zags

Ready, Willing and Able: Betty Davis
Never Too Late: The Apostles

Jesus Alone: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Over Unease: Spacin'

Falling In: Gøggs
Junkie: Altamont
Slow Down: Flat Earthers

Hold Onto the Sky: Pins of Light
Onye Ije: The Strangers

Check out the video for Pussy Riot's "Make America Great Again". Classic.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hell's Kitchen Radio #284: No One Ever Listens

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Thanks for tuning in every Monday night at 8. I never mention this on the blog, but it's always fun to chat folks up during my show, so please if you're listening take a second to say hi on the Radio Valencia Chatterbox, or if you're a FB friend, then on there.

Another show, another tribute. What's up with this friggin' year? I have done more tributes in this single solitary year than in my first 25+ years in radio, combined! Greg Lake of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer fame passed from cancer at the age of 69 last weekend. Best known for his days as bassist/vocalist for ELP, he was also a co-founder of the seminal prog-rock band King Crimson, where he performed on the first record and toured for their first two LPs before going on to start ELP alongside the late great Keith Emerson, who died in March of this year, and Carl Palmer who still has a few weeks left before something horrible happens to him. ugh

Much of the first hour is actually down right danceable. There are some seriously funky-ass tracks in here. Do me a favor and get your groove on until it's too late.

The second hour features a dive into my live music vault. And what a vault it is. You know, when I started doing the community radio thing a while back I committed to playing an hour of live music each week. I've sort of slacked off on that one, and for good reason. There are so many great releases I want to play with you week in and week out that the live music thing has had to take a back seat. Well not tonight. Take a look at the second half of the playlist and you can see that it's all over the damn place, and worth every second of your precious time.

I know the world has totally sucked this year. Who will it take next? Alan Thicke? Meredith Baxter (formerly Meredith Baxter-Bernie)? The election will still be with us. Syria will still be with us. Your job will still be with, you. Maybe we just need to put some of this aside and enjoy the music for a little while.



Hell's Kitchen with John Hell
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Winter in America: Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson
Power to the People: Curtis Mayfield

I'm So Bored with the USA: The Clash
The Candidate: Urge Overkill
Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba: George Benson

The Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson
Black Enough: The Pharaohs
Home Affairs: Osibisa
Since You've Been Gone: James Brown

Dip Stick: The Perfect Circle
Tidal Wave: Thee Oh Sees (Live at The Chapel, SF, CA - 2015)
She's On Fire: King Tuff (Live at Pickathon - 2013)
You Got It: Mudhoney (2001-01-13, Knitting Factory, LA, CA)

I've Been Loving You Too Long: Otis Redding (1966-04-10 Whiskey A-Go-Go, Hollywood, CA)
Toussaint L'Overture: Santana (1973-02-26, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA)

Dance to the Music: Sly and the Family Stone (1970-10-09, Piknik Kasteel Groeneveld Baarn)
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed: The Allman Brothers Band (1971-03-13 Fillmore East, NYC)

Waiting for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago: ZZ Top (1980-04-15 Pine Knob, Clarkston, MI)
Big Chief: The Meters (1976-10-01 The Kingfish Lounge, Baton Rouge, LA)

Monday, December 05, 2016

Hell's Kitchen Radio #283: We Don't Quit

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It's far past the time to start talking about affordable event space in the Bay Area. Tonight on the program Ann Atomic joins me in the studio to talk about the devastating fire at the Ghost Ship in Oakland last Friday night. 33 souls have perished in the worst fire in Oakland history. Yes, this was a space that was not up to code. Yes, this was a space not zoned for housing. Yes, the leaseholder will probably be charged with 2nd degree murder. But beyond all of this, we need to take a deeper look at the housing challenges faced by artists in the Bay Area today.

The investigation is just beginning, but we can't just throw around the blame. As the tech boom contiunes it's important that we focus on who is not thriving here: the art community. Imagine if you will a working artist paying $2000 a month on a 1 bedroom apartment, while also having to pay for an artists studio, because if they made their art at home they would be in violation of their lease and could get kicked out. It then makes sense for them to move into their art studio space with other artists even if that violates the lease on the art space. This is close to what happened at Ghost Ship, and what has happened at other art studio spaces in the Bay Area over the past 20 years, while local jurisdictions make it more and more impossible for artists to survive in a nation that no longer prioritizes art at all.

Ann Atomic and I attempt to tackle all this and more on tonight's program.

New music from Ty Segall, Dumb Punts, Mind Rays, Faux Ferocious, Nick Cave, and The Flat Earthers. And the rareist of rare music from Pink Floyd. You have NEVER heard the Floyd like this before, I promise you.

Did you hear my 6th annual ANNUAL ANNUAL? If not, you can check it out by going here.

My Best of 2016 is coming up in just a few weeks.

See you on the radio.


Hell's Kitchen with John Hell
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Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
Rainy Day in June: The Kinks

Orange Color Queen: Ty Segall
Cherry Bomb: GIRLS
Space Waster: Dumb Punts

It Covers the Hillside: Midlake
Still and All: Mind Rays
Viola Lee: Jim Kweskin
Feeding Frenzy: Faux Ferocious

Walk With Me Sydney: Pink Floyd
Vegetable Man: Pink Floyd
Every Little Twist: Red Fang

Web: Thee Oh Sees
N.I.B.: Black Sabbath (08-31-70 Montreux, Switzerland)

I Need You: Nick Cave

We Don't Quit: The Flat Earthers