Monday, November 29, 2010

A Season in Hell #16: Radio Valencia: Haiti Update and Music, Music, MUSIC!!!

We started off the show with a ten minute phone update from investigative journalist and Haitian expert Kevin Pina. Kevin updated us on the cholera epidemic and the national election troubles.

Also, my friend Rick Washburn came by to take pics of the station and yours truly. You can see his pics here.

Hour One:
Roustabout: Elvis Presley
Detroit: The Bright Light Social Hour

Interview with Kevin Pina

It's Alright: Junip
Mighty: Lord Huron
Girlfriend: Ty Segall

I Want To Drive The Zamboni: The Zamboni's
The Good Things: Summer Twins
Time will Tell Me: Nick Drake

Su Derenin Sulari: Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi
Respect: Kukumbas

Hour two:
Streams Of Whiskey: The Pogues (06-15-89)
Joset of Nazareth's Blues: Titus Andronicus (09-19-08)

I'll Take New York: Tom Waits (Frank's Wild Years demos)

Jam->Dark Star->Jam->Morning Dew: Grateful Dead (10-18-74)

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Season in Hell #15: Radio Valencia: Ending the Muckraking with Ragi da Lawyer

Back on the A Season in Hell airwaves, Ragi da Lawyer, dismantling the legal system one nail at a time, takes your calls and offers FREE legal advice. Ragi is tired of taking phone calls from so many of his friends wanting free advice, so he takes it to the radio and offers it up for one hour. If you don't get through it's your own damn fault. Or mine. I may have just not wanted to answer the phone. Perhaps I have better questions than you do.
Click on the "hour" links to check out the show.


Hour one:
Roustabout: Elvis Presley
KSSD HM: Headless Horseman
Cat Burglar: Boxer The Horse

Ragi da Lawyer

Stay Lit: Holy Fuck
Yulia: Wolf Parade

Ragi da Lawyer

Hour two
Big Rock Candy Mountain: The Beat Farmers (12-07-85)
Happy Boy: The Beat Farmers (12-07-85)
She Caught The Katy: Taj Mahal (05-23-71)

I Was Made To Love Her: Stevie Wonder (03-04-73)
Respect: Aretha Franklin (06-12-71)

Ragi da Lawyer

Polk Salad Annie: Elvis Presley (02-23-71)
Rock Candy: Montrose (12-26-74)

Playing in the Band: Grateful Dead (11-18-72) 25 minutes of intensity!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Season in Hell #14: Radio Valencia

The weather is unseasonably warm. 82 in SF today. Love it. Saucy and I went on a motorcycle ride on my new-to-me 81 Suzuki GS 1000 yesterday. We took a ride around the Marin Headlands. An absolutely gorgeous weekend.

Now for some music. Enjoy.

To hear the show, click on the link below.
Hour One:
Roustabout: Elvis Presley
Get High Babe: John Wesley Coleman III
Mama's Mad Cos I Fried My Brain: TURBO FRUITS

Rejected: Scott & Charlene's Wedding
Is it Because I'm Black: Syl Johnson

Concert Outlook: music by Muhal Richard Abrams

Three: Conspiracy Of Owls
Vibrates: Jason Ajemian and the Highlife
The Future: Tweak Bird
Over the Falls: Maston

He Miss Road: Fela Kuti
Gbomei Adesai: The Psychedelic Aliens
Like a Chicken: Witch

Click the link below to hear hour two.
Hour Two:
Gimme Shock Treatment: The Ramones (1-31-78)
Frizzle Fry: Primus (11-17-93)

Step Right Up: Tom Waits (07-26-79)
Victoria: The Kinks (11-11-72)
Man on the Silver Mountain: Dio (11-30-84)

California Uber Alles: Dead Kennedy's (10-15-80)
Guns of Brixton: The Clash (08-17-82)

Waiting for the Man->Boy Crazy: The Tubes (04-23-76)

Sugaree: Grateful Dead (05-11-77)

Monday, November 08, 2010

A Season in Hell #13: Radio Valencia: Sexy

It would appear that Radio Valencia is finally on the FM at 87.9FM in SF. We had a great launch party last weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks especially to Gaucho who played a magnificent set, as well as Benjamin Wachs and Dr. Fiasco for some brilliant solo work. Pics soon to the Radio Valencia Facebook page.

The theme tonight is Sexyyyyyy.....

Here's the link to the stream of tonight's show.

Hour One:
Roustabout: Elvis Presley
Mama's Mad Cos I Fried My Brain: TURBO FRUITS
Too Safe: PUJOL

The Years: State Champion
Den Of Thievs II: The Vivids

The Smoke: Home Video
Foolish: Ra Ra Riot

Sexy set:
If I'm in Love I Just Might Get Picked Up: Betty Davis
Babydoll: Eric McFadden Trio with Robin Coomer

Dragonfly: My Brightest Diamond
Lilac Wine: Jeff Buckley

Hour Two:
Misty Mountain Top: Led Zeppelin (01-07-73)
The Inflated Tear: ROLAND KIRK QUARTET (10-14-67)

Heart of the Sunrise: Yes (08-25-02)


Tom Violence: Sonic Youth (08-17-90)
I'll Drown In My Own Tears / When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/ I've Been Loving You Too Long / I'll Drown In My Own Tears: Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen (04-26-70)

Estimated Prophet -> Eyes of the World (05-15-77)

Monday, November 01, 2010

A Season in Hell #12: Radio Valencia: Mark Growden and Let's Go Giants!!!

Well, the Giants did it!!! How awesome is that? As I sit in the Radio Valencia studios I can hear the people celebrating in the Mission, cars honking, helicopters flying and the riot police batoning. How lovely.

Time for A Season in Hell, with John Hell. Tonight I'm pleased to have singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mark Growden on with me. Mark's been touring under his 9th release, and most prolific to date, Saint Judas. It's a rare occasion that's he graces SF with his presence, and I nabbed him.

Enjoy the show.

Hour One:
Roustabout: Elvis Presley
Deceptacon: Le Tigre

Faith in my Pocket: Mark Growden

Interview with Mark Growden

Saint Judas: Mark Growden

Interview with Mark Growden

You Ain't Never Been Loved: Mark Growden

Interview with Mark Growden

Settle in a Little While: Mark Growden
Bones (for Mable): Mark Growden

Interview with Mark Growden

Star Spangled Benz/Molly Rose Waltz: Mark Growden

Hour Two:
No Place to Fall: Isobel Campbell and Willy Mason (10-26-10)
Stop That Train: Bob Marley (07-11-73)

Codine: Quicksilver Messenger Service (09/1966)
I Want to Take you Higher: Sly and the Family Stone (10-09-70)
Honky Tonk Women: Rolling Stones (03-13-71)

Say Hey (I Love You): Michael Franti and Spearhead (Tribute to Giants)
Scarlet->Fire: Grateful Dead (05-13-77)

So Long Baby, Goodbye: Dave Alvin and the Guilty Eight (12-06-03)