Monday, December 27, 2010

A Season in Hell #19: Radio Valencia: Best of 2010

I missed my show last week, because I was up in the snow. A lot of snow too. I didn't move my car for two full days, and it had about three feet of snow covering it when I left. Lots of snow. Went sledding too, with the little one.

Anyway, I thought a great way to make up for my absence would be to do a three hour Best of... show. So I did a five hour show. Feast from FCCFreeRadio came over for a little while, as did KROB. We played a lot of fine 2010 music in the first two hours, before jumping to some great live shows from 2010. The last two hours included some fine ditties I picked up this year; all of them live. The show ends with two amazing live cuts: Zeppelin and the Dead.

As always these shows are available to download. Just click on the "hour" links.

If you haven't checked out Radio Valencia yet, what are you waiting for? Really, if you're anything like me, then you get tired of your own music collection and need some serious inspiration. Radio Valencia is the cure to this ill. It's a great radio station. Tune in between 4 and midnight, and you're sure to hear something you've NEVER heard before. Some you'll dislike, much you'll LOVE!!!

Hour One:
Roustabout: Elvis Presley
40 Day Dream: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Truth: Alexander (of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros)
Out of the Blue: Julian Casablancas

Fuck You: Cee-Lo Green
Lost Daughter: The Dry Spells

SNS Radio Smacks Down for Homeless Relief
Bugs Bunny PSA against drugs
Beat The Devil's Tattoo: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

A Minor Altercation: Nice Face
Jail La La: Dum Dum Girls
Frost Hammer: High On Fire
Pig House: The Melvins

Hour Two:
Feast Comes By

Hate Worldwide: Slayer
Immigraniada: Gogol Bordello

Rain: BxI
Skit I Allt: Dungen

Detroit: The Bright Light Social Hour
Still Alive: Three Mile Pilot

Post Acid: Wavves
Caesar: Ty Segall
Mama's Mad Cos I Fried My Brain: TURBO FRUITS

Hour Three:
Come on over, Turn me on: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan (09-15-10)
Acid Tongue: Jenny and Johnny (12-10-10)

Hate the Police: Mudhoney (09-03-10)
Search and Destroy (09-03-10)

Fortune Has Its Cookies To Give Out: Tom Waits (10-02-10)
Done Got Old: Heartless Bastards (05-04-10)

Blue Christmas: Elvis Presley (07-05-76)
Car Thief: Beastie Boys (Paul's Boutique Demos)
Powderfinger: Beat Farmers (12-07-85)
Dancin' Fool: Frank Zappa (09-21-78)

Marie, Marie: Dave Alvin (02-18-05)

Hour Four:
Hurdy Gurdy Man: Butthole Surfers (09-21-85)
Beat on the Brat: The Ramones (07-20-82)

The Continental: SNL with phone calls and KROB

Straight to Hell: The Clash (08-17-82)
High Roller: Cheap Trick (03-28-97)
Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth: Minutemen (05-12-84)
Polk Salad Annie: Meat Puppets (09-21-84)

Hour Five:
Toys Go Winding Down > Pudding Time: Primus (11-17-93)
Fat Bottom Girls: Queen (03-01-79)
Dirty Boots: Sonic Youth (08-17-90)
Cortez the Killer: Neil Young (02-07-84)

The Rover Introduction / Sick Again: Led Zeppelin (05-26-77)
Eyes of the World: Grateful Dead (03-19-73)

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Season in Hell #18: Radio Valencia: Robin Coomer Loves the Holidaze

Loop! Station's Robin Coomer is in the studio tonight talking about her love for the holidaze. People called in.

Hour one:
Roustabout: Elvis Presley
Mah Na Mah Na: Piero Umilliani
Some Velvet Morning: Ugly Stick

Shit for Christmas: The Whiskey Avengers

Henry and Glenn Forever X-Mas Special
Blow Me (A Kiss): Crosstops
You're A Mean One, Mr, Grinch: Lloydspocket

Taking calls with Robin.

The Twelve Steps of Christmas: Snot Roquemore
Frosty the Dope Man: Mac Zydiak

Dr. Hal calls in.

Hour two:
I Saw Hanukkah Harry Beat Up Santa: Hal Singer

Electric Alice: Grinderman
Baby's Insane: Diamanda Galas
Broken Hearts are for Assholes: Frank Zappa
Portland, Oregon: Loretta Lynn with Jack White

Holiday phone call

Can it all be so Simple: Wu Tang Clan
Johnny Hit and Run Pauline: X

Into the Fade: Queens of the Stoneage
I Swallowed a Dragonfly: Heartless Bastards

You Gonna Get Yours: Public Enemy
Sexbomb (With Mousse T.): Tom Jones

Monday, December 06, 2010

A Season in Hell #17: ROCK FIGHT 5

Hour One:
Rock Fight: Cheech and Chong

Ralphael of Hoodzkates flips the bottle cap and Ron wins the toss. He chooses to allow me to go first. Ron will go first in the third hour.

TNT: AC/DC (12-09-79) JH
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide: ZZ Top (80) RD

-A tossup as to who won the first round. Both were stellar.

Space Station #5: Montrose (12-26-74) JH
Skin and Bone: Gamma (07-13-80) RD

-I have to give this one to Ron. My track had a lame synth solo. Synth solos always suck. Always.

Strutter: Kiss (09-03-76) JH
Take Me: Kiss (04-04-77) RD
Big Sky/Baddest of the Bad: Reverend Horton Heat (06-09-06) JH

-He tried to beat me with another Kiss track. That was lame. My Horton Heat track was amazing. I win.

Everyday is Halloween: Ministry (10-04-86) RD
Hour two: Think Locally Fuck Globally: Gogol Bordello (11-13-07) JH

-Ministry is for losers. Gogol Bordello will make a dead man dance. Mine all the way.

War Pigs: Hayseed Dixie (05-10-06) RD
Tenacious D: Fuck Her Gently (02-21-02) JH

-Both were fabulous tracks. I call this round even.

I'm losing you: The Faces (09-30-71) RD
Kick out the Jams: MC5 (01-01-70) JH

-This one was totally mine. Though The Faces are a great group, and this track is a good one, a live version with a five minute drum solo is as poor as a synth solo. Did he learn nothing from my earlier gaff? Also, MC5 kicks ass! I win.

*Intermission* (Led Zeppelin set) Ron and I decided to call a truce for the Zep set. My two choices kicked serious ass. Listen to how awesome and crisp the "Thank You" is. Ron's choice was great, but he clicked something on his computer in the middle of the track and cut it off. tee hee.
In My Time of Dying: Led Zeppelin (06-07-77) JH
Black Dog/Heartbreaker (03-12-75) DJ Error Ron
Thank You (01-22-73) JH

Hour three:
Outa Space: Billy Preston (1973) RD
For Once in My Life: Stevie Wonder (03-04-73) JH

Superstition: Stevie Wonder (06-27-10) RD

-I have to give this one to Ron. Though my Stevie Wonder beat out his amazing Billy Preston, his Stevie Wonder was truly magical.

We took a break from the fight to welcome a few guests into the studio, including local bartender, silkscreen artist and musician Scott Johnson

Home Invasion: Burnt House (Scott Johnson's band)
Call my home: Times Infinity (Scott's other band)

And then along came Eric. Eric McFadden and Super D showed up to the Radio Valencia studios to witness the Rock Fight first hand. Eric has been in the studio lately, and he talked about it. I threw him a guitar and he proceeded to entertain the in-house audience and the listeners alike. Since I threw his the guitar I will be taking the credit and the round. I win.

Eric McFadden interview

Working for a Dead Man: Eric McFadden Trio (07-04-08) JH

Live Eric McFadden in the studio - JH
-Meaning that he was actually live in the studio.

Hour four:
Jockey Full of Bourbon: Eric McFadden JH
Sheer Heart Attack: Queen (02-28-79) JH

-By this time Ron was too drunk to choose anything to play. Therefore I destroyed him in this mostly punk set.

One Too Many: Times Infinity (Scott's other band)
Police and Thieves: The Clash (08-17-82) JH
Beat on the Brat: The Ramones (07-20-82) JH
Ice 9: Joe Satriani (DJ Error) RD
Private Hell: Husker Du (07-24-81) JH

Controversy: Prince (2010) RD
Sex Machine: James Brown (06-16-78) JH
Sign O' The Times: Prince (02-14-04) RD

-Ron would have won that round if he hadn't chosen another Prince song to follow my amazing James Brown choice. You don't follow James Brown with another Prince tune. You hit me back with Sly and the Family Stone, or P-Funk. What were you thinking? Obviously nothing at all.

Tom Jones Medley: Pleasure Barons (03-93) JH

Live Eric McFadden in the studio

I seriously kicked Ron's ass again. He really shouldn't get so hammered during the show. By hour three Ron couldn't even see his computer screen.

Six rounds for John Hell to Ron's two. Two rounds were even.

John Hell wins by a knockout!

Rock Fight 6 will be June 2011.

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