Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Season in Hell #136: Break On Through

A rare night with no interview. I took the opportunity to share lots of fabulous new sounds with you. The first hour is mostly new music.

With the passing of Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist of The Doors, I wanted to share a couple of favorite tracks. Morrison Hotel has always been a great LP to me, so Peace Frog/Blue Sunday was a given, but being the consummate bootlegger that I am, I had to share a classic rare moment of Ray brilliance. Check out the 1967 Light My Fire from Detroit. Smokin'!!! 

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Enjoy blissfully.


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Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
Springwater: Birdcloud
Am I Wrong: Mikal Cronin

Spanish Speaks : Weekender
Evil Love: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Motorider: Glitter Wizard
Wave Goodbye: Ty Segall Band
Night Crawler: Thee Oh Sees
Farmers: Bear Romantic

Peace Frog/Blue Sunday: The Doors (RIP Ray Manzerak)
Me and Baby Brother: War
He Was A Big Freak: Betty Davis
She Watch Channel Zero: Public Enemy

Talkin' Good Woman: Rin Tin Tiger
Endors Toi: Tame Impala

Attitude: The Melvins
Complicated Life: The Kinks

Hama: Boris

Light My Fire: The Doors (Detroit, MI 03-18-67)
Woodchoppers Ball: Ten Years After (Fillmore Aud., SF, CA 06-28-68)

Big Chief: The Meters (Baton Rouge, LA 10-01-76)
Hoochie Coochie Man: Muddy Waters (San Francisco, CA 05-01-77)
I Can't Go For That: Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers (Philadelphia, PA 09-21-12)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Season in Hell #135: The Cacophony Society Infiltrates Radio Valencia

In 1994 my friend and co-staffer at KFJC, Mark Church (aka: Mr. Antagonism) told me about this event in the desert, where a bunch of pranksters go out and shoot guns, and burn things. He said that a few hundred people attend and it's a perfect place for us to set up a pirate radio station. How could I say no?

My first Burning Man in 1994 would change me the way it changed thousands of lives. I knew I had arrived. I also knew that it wasn't the event itself that had changed me, but the people. One person in particular was a huge inspiration for me; John Law. John was the mans-man of the event. He looked the part. Part Sam Peckinpah, part John Wayne, John Law knew his shit. He was honest to a fault, and never forgot a name. And I never knew a person as inclusive as John.

This is all sounding like an obituary. John is all of this still! Following my first Burning Man it was John who called me up to participate in some urban exploration in San Francisco. I took right up with the Cacophony Society as soon as I could, which would have been in the Fall of 1994. I never looked back.

From the tunnel walks, to the laundromat readings, from the urban iditirod, to Santarchy in the streets, there wasn't an event I could say no to for about ten years. I knew I had found my "people".

John, along with Carrie Galbraith and Kevin Evans have complied and edited a wonderful compendium, looking back fondly at a time when our nation was able to laugh a bit more at itself; not take itself so seriously.

Monday night John and Carrie were kind enough to come into the RV studios (Carrie by phone) to talk about the book, the times, and the events coming up to celebrate it all. Church of the Subgenius' Puzzling Evidence joined us in the second hour.

The first big event is Thursday night, May 16th at City Lights Books in North Beach. Many other great events are to follow.

Take a walk down fuzzy, crazy, idiotic, risky, memory lane with this recent episode of A Season in Hell. You may already be a member.

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Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
The Noting Show: Idiot Flesh
Tamale Lady: Rube Waddell

Interview with John Law and Carrie Galbraith

Glorious: Polkacide

Interview with John Law and Carrie Galbraith

Pretty Baby: Three Day Stubble

Interview with John Law and Carrie Galbraith

In This Rubber Tomb: Mudhoney

Interview with John Law, Carrie Galbraith and Puzzling Evidence

Butt Funkin': Limbomaniacs

Interview with John Law, Carrie Galbraith and Puzzling Evidence

Up and Down: Cookie Mongoloid

Monday, May 06, 2013

A Season in Hell #134: Ronnie Loves Maggie

When I was ten years old, Ronald Reagan was elected president. The day he was inaugurated the Iranians immediately released the American prisoners. The reason given to us Americans was that the Iranians were afraid that we would attack. At the age of ten, I knew differently. I knew at that age that the someone had paid the Iranians off. How did I know that? I couldn't tell you. But the truth finally came out in Reagan's second term. I knew at the age of ten that I did not like, nor did I trust Ronald Reagan.

The next eight years would find our economy in a shambles, as we began to privatize and outsource everything. Many jobs were lost, the homeless population more than doubled, worthless wars were fought and the middle class began to shrink.

And this was just in America. Great Britain had Margaret Thatcher. There's was a thousand times worse.

Tonight on my show I welcome Steffan Chirazi, the writer and editor of the official Metallica Fanzine, "So What". He's a Brit, and he's got some glorious stories to tell about life under Maggie. We both play music from the era, that will bring back memories; some good, some bad.

But we can raise a toast, knowing that at least their both together again...in hell.

The last thirty minutes we feature some blistering music from Slayer, featuring the recently departed guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who died on May 2, at the age of 49, from what appears to be liver damage. The metal world lost a legend.

Pay your respects to the dearly departed, and stream the show here.
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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
5 Minutes: Bonzo Goes To Washington
Maggie, You Cunt: The Exploited

We've Got A Bigger Problem Now: Dead Kennedys
Maggie: Chaos UK
Conflict: Conflict
Hinckley Had A Vision!: Crucifucks

Rival Leaders: The Exploited
Does This System Work: Discharge
Don't Forget the Chaos: Dehumanized
I Shot the Devil: Suicidal Tendencies
Reagan Bands: Chronic Sick

How Does it Feel?: Crass
Kill The President: Coffin Break
Fascist: Minutemen
Thatcher's Fortress: The Varukers
2 Million Voices: Angelic Voices

Common Man: The Blasters
No Government: Anti-pasti
Nancy Reagan's Head: Mission of Burma
Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos: Public Enemy

Let's Start a War: The Exploited

Chemical Warfare: Slayer
Post Mortem (Demo): Slayer
Raining Blood: Slayer
Angel of Death: Slayer

Doin' It To Death 2013

Today is the 7th annual Doin' It To Death, James Brown Birthday Extravaganza, at KFJC

I spent nine amazing years at the Wave of the West, KFJC. For four years I hosted the Friday, mid-day Jazz/Soul/Funk show, where I would play a halh-hour of James Brown at noon. I called it the "Brown Bag Lunch". Damn that was fun!

After James died on Christmas 2006, it just made sense that KFJC did an annual birthday celebration for him. Considering his birthday is May 3rd, and KFJC hosts the Month of Mayhem every May, where DJs host specials all month long, it was the perfect opportunity to show love for the Godfather of Soul.

Every year I host the prime time slot. Although I love the classics, and my favorite era was 68-75, I also love to play live, mashups, remixes, and covers too. I've also found some other ditties that I know you're going to love.

You can check out each our of my set by clicking on the links below. It's only up on the KFJC site for the next week and a half, so get to it. I believe you can download all of it, so you can enjoy JB everywhere you go.

Doin' it to Death hour one of John Hell's set.
Doin' it to Death hour two of John Hell's set.
Doin' it to Death hour three of John Hell's set.
Doin' it to Death hour four of John Hell's set.

Check out all of the Month of Mayhem specials on KFJC.

Sex Machine Turns Me On: James Brown vs. Edwin R Starr
James Brown: Nancy Dupree
No One Here But Us Chickens: James Brown

Lickin' Stick, Lickin' Stick: James Brown
Get on the Good Foot: James Brown
Kansas City: James Brown

I Never, Never, Never Will Forget: James Brown
Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing: James Brown
The Future Shock of the World: James Brown
Ain't That A Groove: James Brown

Say it Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud: James Brown
Oh, Baby Don't you Weep: James Brown
Jabo: James Brown
I'll Go Crazy: James Brown

I Can't Stand Myself: James Brown
I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On: James Brown
Gettin' A Little Hipper: James Brown
Lesson Two: Steinski

Whole Lotta Sex Machine: James Brown vs. Led Zeppelin
Cold Sweat (live): James Brown (Live in Dallas 08-26-68)

Think (About it): Lyn Collins
Let it be Me: Vickie Anderson & James Brown
You Got to Have a Job: Bobby Byrd
Lickin' Stick, Lickin' Stick: Willie Dickson & The Playboys

Super Good: Myra Barnes
Rice and Ribs: Fred Wesley and the New JB's
Shake it Baby: Maceo & All the Kings Men
Livin' in America: Noisettes
Free James Brown: Robert Lusson

Since You've Been Gone: James Brown
The Boss (Duke Skywalker Edit): James Brown
Get Up Off Of Me: James Brown
That's Life: James Brown

Get Up Off Of That Thing: James Brown
Blues Brothers Church Scene: James Brown
Funky Drummer: James Brown

My Thang: James Brown
Sexy Kiss Machine: Prince vs. James Brown
Take You Back Living In Unity : Afrika Bambaataa Feat James Brown vs Hexstatic
Sledgehammer Machine (DJ Prince Re-mashup): Peter Gabriel vs James Brown

Brother Rapp: James Brown
James Brown's Boo-Ga-Loo: James Brown
Fight Against Drug Abuse: James Brown