Monday, November 30, 2020

Hell's Kitchen Radio #416: The Perennial Annual Annual - 1980

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Each November I choose a year that I want to showcase for two hours. It's a random selection. For my tenth annual Annual Annual I have chosen 1980. I turned 10 that year, and was already enjoying a growing record collection I could call my own. We owned a jukebox stocked with 45s from the 60s and 70s, and my dad always enjoyed having music playing throughout the house. My two older sisters (6 and 8 years older) often had the rock hits of the day playing in their rooms or on our family room stereo. 

1980 was a strange year for music. So many subgenres had crept into the aural vernacular by this time. It was no longer just a Jazz, Rock, Soul world. By 1980 Heavy Metal, Funk, Punk, and New Wave had infiltrated the discussion, and there's nothing wrong with that, except commercial radio stations continued to divide us based on their perceived belief that we wanted stations that specialized in one particular genre, and that led to the continuing watering down of quality radio programming. 

Thank Yahweh for college radio!

The former and extremely boring KFOG used to have their daily "10 At 10" show that focused on one year at a time, but rarely, if ever, would they take a chance on some of the artist and genres that I feature on this annual special you see before you.

1980 had a lot of tasty bites to offer however. This show showcases a few commercial tunes (yes, I play the #3 most popular song based on Billboard charts. Sue me), as well as some underground morsels I'm sure you'll enjoy chewing on. 

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Rapture: Blondie
This Is A Mans Mans Mans World: The Residents
Clouds: Chaka Khan

Neon Knights: Black Sabbath
Everybody Wants Some: Van Halen
Tattooed Love Boys: The Pretenders
Chinese Rock: The Ramones

Private Idaho: B-52s
Joe McCarthy's Ghost: Minutemen
Let's Lynch The Landlord: Dead Kennedys
Video Killed The Radio Star: The Buggles

Teenage Wildlife: David Bowie
Magic: Olivia Newton John
Planet Earth: Devo

Authority Stealing: Fela Kuti
Atrocity Exhibition: Joy Division

Jack-A-Roe: Grateful Dead
Little Wing: Neil Young
Generals and Majors: XTC

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