Monday, November 28, 2016

Hell's Kitchen Radio #282: 6th Annual ANNUAL ANNUAL - 2006

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Way way back in 2011 I had this desire to feature 1971 on my show. What a great year that was for music. This was when bands like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones were still considered young and relevant. Following this show I made an executive decision to annually feature another great year during the month of November. Preparing for this year's show I was eager to share a more recent year with you. 2006 stood out to me even while we were deep in it. Taking a look at the playlist below I think you'll agree.

I didn't get to nearly all the artists and tracks I wanted to play during my sixth annual ANNUAL ANNUAL, but this here is smattering of the genius that was 2006.

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See you next ANNUAL ANNUAL. Er, I mean see you next week.



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The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song: The Flaming Lips
Black Mountain: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
Black Sweat: Prince

They Call Me Flava: Public Enemy
Aliens: Dr. Octagon
Living Proof: Cat Power

Jihad: Slayer
Run Devil Run/The Big Guns: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Jams Run Free: Sonic Youth
Like the 309: Johnny Cash

Freya: The Sword
Beyond the Horizon: Bob Dylan
You Don't Know Me: Willie Nelson
Laugh/Love/Fuck: The Coup

A History of Drunks: The Melvins
Make Them Suffer: Cannibal Corpse
It Is Us: Mudhoney
Backstage Girl: DJ Shadow

What Keeps Mankind Alive: Tom Waits
If Looks Could Kill: Camera Obscura
Wherever You Go: Built To Spill
Mr. Tough: Yo La Tengo

Akuma No Kuma: Sunn O))) and Boris

One band that didn't make it onto the show this year was Texas' own Midlake. Their sophomore effort "The Trials of Van Occupanther" was a real winner in the Hell household starting in 2006. It still gets a lot of play during road trips. Below is the video for "Roscoe".

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