Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rock Fight 11

Well we've gone and done it again. Last night Ron Donovan and I hosted ROCK FIGHT 11! At this early hour I'm a bit tired; having hosted a six hour show, interviewed three amazing people, played some of the rip-roaringest rock and roll, put up with Ron, and standing on my feet from about 6:30AM-12midnight.

My neck hurts.

In our previous 10! incarnations of Rock Fight, the format was all about not repeating an artist throughout the night. Though this proved to be a challenge, Ron and I were always up for the challenge. You see, rock poster artist Ron Donovan, and yours truly, John Hell, have what quite possibly will prove to be the LARGEST LIVE BOOTLEG COLLECTION IN THE WEST! Really, I stake my 25+ year radio reputation against that claim. We're junkies for the live rock 'n roll, and we want to share our problem with you.

For Rock Fight 11 we changed up the format a bit. Instead of it being a plethora of fabulous finger picking and hellacious head banging from many, MANY bands, we would do 30 minute blocks of a featured band. The set list below includes the song/artist/date/location and who selected the tune (JH=John Hell, RD=Ron Donovan).

We had some special guests in the studio, as always. I want to thank Bassy Stacy and Amy Ace of the all-female KISS cover band, KISSER for stopping by. I've been a fan of Stacy since she was in the Kinks cover band, The Minks. KISSER is amazing! This is the band we've all been waiting for. Listen to the interview and you can hear for yourself how enthusiastic they are about "their" music and the gigs. You have got to see them live. In the meantime check out their YouTube channel.

Even Steffan Chirazi of "So What" the official Metallica fanzine did a set. And what a set it was! He came by to talk about the recent Metallica show in ANTARCTICA! What the what?! Awesome! Steffan is a talented and experienced journalist, so interviewing him is always a blast. You have got to hear his story about Axel Rose. You may remember Steffan from the show he and I co-hosted back in May, following the passing of Margaret Thatcher. Take a listen.

Last night he brought some tasty tracks from the Antarctica set, as well as a few other juicy tidbits.

The banter was brilliant at times, and other times I was losing track of Ron's technical DJ errors. HA! That, and he talking away from the mic, and I wanted to hit him over the head with the turntable more than once. How I love that hobbit-wizard of the ink pulling world.

We'll do it again in June. Until then...

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I'm taking a few weeks off for the holidays and heading to South Island, New Zealand! I can't wait. I'll see you all in January. Have a great holiday season, and get well rested and prepare for a kick ass 2014, with more of A Season in Hell, with John Hell on the greatest radio station west of East Rutherford, NJ, Radio Valencia!

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Rock Fight: Cheech and Chong
Whipping Post: Allman Brothers (07/03/1970 Atlanta Pop Festival)-JH
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed: Allman Brothers (2/11/1970 Fillmore East, NYC)-JH

Remedy: The Black Crowes (10/28/1998 Paris)-RD

Wiser Time: The Black Crowes (10/28/1998 Paris)-R
Hard to Handle: The Black Crowes (05/26/1995 Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA)-RD

Sin City: AC/DC (10/1979 Australia)-RD

Cold Shot: Stevie Ray Vaughn (12/31/86 Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA)-JH

Texas Flood: Stevie Ray Vaughn (06/17/1985 Red Rocks Amp., Morrison, CO)-JH
Superstition: Stevie Ray Vaughn (04/29/1990 Jazz & Hertiage Festival, New Orleans, LA)-JH

I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town: Stevie Ray Vaughn & Albert King (12/06/1983 CHCH Studios, Ontario, CN)-JH
Thank You/Jesus Just Left Chicago/Waiting for the Bus: ZZ Top (04/15/1980 Clarkston, MS-RD

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide: ZZ Top (04/19/1980 Essen, GR)-RD
Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers: ZZ Top (04/15/1980 Clarkston, MS)
The Bomber: James Gang (02/26/2001, Allen Theater, Cleveland, OH)-JH

Interview with Kisser

Detroit Rock Fight City: KISS (09/03/1976 Richfield, OH)-JH
Love Gun, KISSER (07/27/1973 Visalia, CA)-JH

Interview with KISSER

Black Diamond: KISS (11/27/1979 Fresno, CA)-JH

Interview with KISSER

She: Kiss (05/31/1974 Long Beach, CA)-JH
Sitting by the Ocean: Queens of the Stoneage (12/07/13  KROQ)-RD
With the Flow: Queens of the Stoneage (12/07/13  KROQ)-RD

Open Invitation: Santana (04/06/87 East Berlin, Germany-RD
Snowblind: Black Sabbath (08/26/2013 Shoreline, Mountain View, CA)-JH
For Whom the Bell Tolls: Metallica (09/21/2013 Apollo Theater, NYC, NY)-RD

Hit the Lights: Metallica (09/21/2013 Apollo Theater, NYC, NY)-RD
You Are Blessened: Melvins (08/22/2013 Slim's, SF, CA)-JH

Interview with Steffan Chirazi of Metallica fanzine "So What"

Fight Fire With Fire: Metallica (12/20/1984 Lyceum Theater, London, England)-Steffan

Interview with Steffan Chirazi of Metallica fanzine "So What"

Master of Puppets (headphones-mix): Metallica (12/08/2013 Antarctica)-Steffan
Master of Puppets: Metallica (12/08/2013 Antarctica)-JH

Interview with Steffan Chirazi of Metallica fanzine "So What"

Electric Eye: Judas Priest (05/23/983 US Festival)-Steffan
Riding on the Wind: Judas Priest (05/23/1983 US Festival)-Steffan

Lust For Life: Iggy Pop (01/26/1992 Nue Welt, Berlin)-Steffan
Raw Power: Iggy Pop (03/07/1977 Rainbow Theater, London, England)-Steffan

In My Time of Dying: Led Zeppelin (03/20/1975 Vancouver, BC)-JH
We're Gonna Groove: Led Zeppelin (01/01/1971 Canada)-JH

Heartbreaker: Led Zeppelin (06/02/1973 Kezar Stadium, SF, CA)-JH
Astro Boy (outtake 2): Jimi Hendrix (1969 studio outtake)-RD

Power of Soul: Jimi Hendrix (12/23/1969 Studio outtakes)-JH
Red House: Jimi Hendrix (07/30/1970 Honolulu, HI)-JH

Free Ride: Edgar Winter (09/03/1974 New Haven, CT)-RD
A Quick One While He's Away: The Who (04/06/1968 Fillmore East, NYC)-JH

Relax: The Who (04/05/1968 Fillmore East, NYC)-JH

Overture/It's a Boy: The Who (10/22/1969 Fillmore East, NYC)-JH

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