Monday, November 04, 2013

A Season in Hell #152: I Heard It Where?

Standing in front of my music library tonight, I had a thought: "what am I in the mood for"? I wasn't inspired. Honest. I love doing my show every week, but I really have to feel it to be able to give you a great show. I ended up going online to see who's birthday it was, thinking maybe that would do the trick. A couple of things, but nothing really hit home. I then headed over to my vinyl shelves, and started flipping through them, and I noticed a trend in what was catching my eye: psychedelia. Oh yes, that's a good direction.

Indeed it was a fine decision.

Enjoy with a cup of mushroom tea.

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I Heard it on the X: ZZ Top
Shit Luck: Modest Mouse
B-Movie Boxcar Blues: Blues Brothers

Augmented Banality: Illogistical Resource Dept
More Trouble Every Day: Frank Zappa

Blood Suckin' Baby: Eric McFadden
Carpe Diem: The Melvins
Elevation: Television
Watcher of the Skies: Genesis

Forest Ocean Sound: Landing
Jackson Head: Boris
Swami: The Romulans

SOL '07: Wooden Shjips
New Potato Caboose: Grateful Dead

Embryo: Pink Floyd

Rotten Ronnie Donovan Phone In

Cortez the Killer: Neil Young

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