Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Season in Hell #120: Rin Tin Tiger Time

Tonight on the show I'm excited to host local folk-rocksters, Rin Tin Tiger! If you've spent any time at Sunday Streets in San Francisco, then you know them as the original folk rock trip that lights up the street. They always have a crowd around them, and they're starting to blow up the club circuit on the west coast.

With their first full-release, Toxic Pocketbook, from 2012, RTT has been making a lot of heads turn. I had the Sullivan brothers, Kevin (vox/guitar) and Sean (vox/bass) play guest DJ with me tonight. They played a lot of their own music, some of their contemporary favorites, and told some great road stories.

They're headlining at Cafe DuNord this Wednesday, and it's the MUST SEE show of the week.


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Above all else, enjoy.


Border Radio: Blasters
Universal Corner: X

Long White Cadillac: Dave Alvin
Rock out of Line: The Knitters (04-28-07)

Teardrops from my Eyes: Ray Condo
Orange Blossom Special: Hot Club of Cowtown
Love in Vain: Patsy Cline

Rin Tin Tiger in the studio

Radley: The French Cassettes
Let 'em Roll: Guy Clark
Thirty Bars He's Back: D-Lo

Rin Tin Tiger in the studio

The Move Apart Parcel: Rin Tin Tiger
Pretty Looks: Rin Tin Tiger

Rin Tin Tiger in the studio

My Saddle is Waiting. Come On, Jump On It: Des Ark
Ashley's Song: Des Ark

Rin Tin Tiger in the studio

Birds Throat: Rin Tin Tiger
Loud Man: Rin Tin Tiger
Funeral: Rin Tin Tiger

My Way: Sid Vicious

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