Monday, April 22, 2019

Hell's Kitchen Radio #364: I Heard It In Hell

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Well here we are once again. I have music, you have ears. Think of it as a match made in musical hell. Hour one is full of something old and something new.

How's this look to you? Be honest? Too much of one genre? Need more female-fronted artists? Not noisy enough? How about the second hour? I'm getting more live tracks into the second hour set. Do you want longer tracks with fewer artists, or shorter tracks and more artists?

Let me know your thoughts, and keep tuning in Monday's 8-10 on Radio Valencia.

Ooh ooh ooh!!! Tune in to me this Friday on KFJC for the annual 28 hour James Brown birthday celebration!!! I'm on 10am-2pm, and I'll be throwing down some rare and live JB tracks for you to get your groove on. KFJC is hosting its annual Month of Mayhem, with many specials each day to enjoy. Check out their Mayhem schedule here.

If music be the food of GODs, then play on?



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Rocked By Rape: Evolution Control Committee
I Heard It On The X: Olivelawn
1970: Mission of Burma

Divinity: All Time Highs
I Must Have Been Blind: Eugene Chadbourne/Camper Van Chandbourne
Samson and Delilah: The Blasters
White Trash Boogie: New Duncan Imperials

I Wish You Well: Emma Louise
Memphis, Tennessee: The Beatles
The Bomb: The Last Dancers

Papio Papio: Graves Brothers Deluxe
I'll Be Fine: Emmanuelle Sasson
Amazing Journey/Sparks: The Who

License to Kill: Bob Dylan
Jambalaya: The Residents
Apeman: The Kinks
Planet Earth: Devo

???: New Masada Quartet (April 14, 2019 Village Vanguard, NYC, NY)

Tecumseh Valley: Emmylou Harris (1970 - WBAI-FM, NYC, NY)

Ball and Chain: Big Brother and the Holding Company (May 4, 1968 Shrine Expo Center, L.A., CA)
Boom Boom: John Lee Hooker (July 1973 Walrus Tavern, Seattle, WA)

Dreams: The Allman Brothers Band (October 23, 1970, SUNY, Stoneybrook, NY)

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