Monday, August 07, 2017

Hell's Kitchen Radio #312: The Oddball Mashup

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Tonight I'm training a new Radio Valencia DJ: Andre Champaign. Andre took over the first 30 minutes of my show, and it was a dub-lovers delight! Two sweet sets that'll get your toes a-tappin'. and your body swaying.

Andre also inspired my sets. Since my recent move I've been finding items in my library I had forgotten all about. I was told in my radio youth to never draw attention to a mistake; the listeners won't notice anyway. I took that to heart, but added never draw attention to a mistake UNLESS you can make it an artform! You can hear what I mean in my final mic break of the evening. HA!

I was hoping to do a 7" special soon called "The Return of the Magnificent 7", but in my recent move I lost a box of items, including ALL of my 7"s. I cannot begin to tell you how sore I am about this loss. I also lost a few DVDs and important books. Ugh. I hate the idea of having to rebuild my collection. But that's how it goes. As bad as I fee about this, I cannot define my identity by what I own. In the end, I still love music; it's my drug of choice. You can count on me to continue to curate two hours of aural bliss every Monday night.

I do still have a John Zorn special that I'm planning for this Fall. I'm still not certain how many hours and how many parts it will be. There is so much good music to choose from this grand composer/musician. So we have that to look forward to, which is good.

Check out the playlist below and click the stream or download link above to listen.



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Andre Champaign Set:

Airbag: Easy Star All Stars
Safe from Harm: doublestandart
Speak to Me/Breathe: Easy Star All Stars
A Little Dub From My Friends: Easy Star All Stars

Night Nurse: Cottonbelly
Teardrop: Massive Attack
Diffraction: Com Truise

John Hell Set:

Double Six: Lee "Scratch" Perry
George Bush Don't Like Black People: Legendary KO
Do I Look Like A Slut: Avenue D

Turku: Erkin Koray
Ocean Breathes Salty: Sun Kil Moon

You Can't Catch Me: Chuck Berry
Dirt: The Stooges
Buck Whylin': Terminator X

A Better Tomorrow: Dan the Automator and Kool Keith
Hallogallo: Neu!

Killer Sounds From Outer Space: Turn Me On Dead Man
Half Way To A Threeway: Jim O'Rourke
The Passenger: Wall of Voodoo

Que Sera Sera: Doris Day

If you haven't seen Kanye West's justified diatribe about the treatment of Blacks in New Orleans following the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, see the video below. I play the Legendary KO song around 40 minutes into my show that was inspired by Kanye's words. Just look at the face of Mike Meyers. HA!

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