Monday, May 02, 2016

Hell's Kitchen Radio #261: Give The DJ Some

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Today is a day of celebration! May 3rd is the birthday of the Godfather of Soul, the HARDEST working man in show business (when he was still alive), Mr. Please Please Please, Mr. I Feel Good, Mr. Sex Machine: JAMES BROWN!

And to celebrate what would have been his 83rd birthday, I'm doing the only thing that I can: play one full hour of JB and JB related tunes. Specifically I'm playing some tracks you don't hear much on the radio, as well as a "Funky Drummer" set, as that tune is the most sampled tune in the history of music. I personally believe that drummer Clyde Stubblefield deserves a royalty each time his sick rhythm is copped.

To continue the party join me on KFJC Tuesday night, 6-10, where I host the prime time slot of the annual "Doin' It To Death" 28 hour James Brown birthday party!

In the second hour of tonight's show I feature two of my favorite bands, both of which are coming to town this week: Boris (playing New Parish in Oakland on Thursday, May 5th) and Melvins, featuring Steve McDonald of Redd Kross/OFF on bass (playing Slims on Thursday, May 5th, and Friday, May 6th along with Melt Banana and Napalm Death). You get 30 minutes of Melvins, followed by 30 minutes of Boris.

I'm going to both, but am having a hard time understanding why Boris would opt to play on the same night as the Melvins (Thursday), when they owe their existence (actually just their name) to them? It feels sacrilegious.

This is quite possibly the strangest themed show I have ever done. Maybe not.

Did you miss my Prince tribute show from last week? What a time that was. You can catch it by clicking here.

Remember to tune into KFJC all day May 3rd for the James Brown birthday extravaganza "Doin' It To Death". I'm hosting the prime time slot tonight, 6-10 (PDST). Spread the word.



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Anti-Drug P.S.A.: James Brown
Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing: James Brown

I Feel Good (1975): James Brown
The Boss: James Brown
Caledonia: James Brown

There Was A Time (1970): James Brown
Funky Drummer (Bonus Beat Reprise): James Brown

***Funky Drummer Set***
Rebel Without a Pause: Public Enemy
Magic Number: De La Soul

I Am Stretched On Your Grave: Sinead O'Conner
Fuck the Police: NWA

The Talking Horse: Melvins
Hag Me: Melvins

Return of Spiders: Melvins (Alice Cooper cover)
Boris: Melvins
Billy Fish: Melvins

Blackout: Boris
Statement: Boris

Feedbacker 1: Boris
Tokyo Wonder Land: Boris

Tu La La: Boris

Check out one of the finest live performances from James Brown and the JB's from 1971.

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