Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Doin' It To Death 2016 - 9th Annual KFJC James Brown Birthday Celebration

Every May 3rd I head back down to the Wave of the West, KFJC, to host four hours of the 24+ James Brown birthday party. This was the 9th year that we took the time to celebrate the life of the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. James would have been 83 years old on this day.

Though I am a huge fan of the 66-76 era, which is the funkiest of the bunch, there really isn't much JB that I don't enjoy.

KFJC posts their show archives for only two weeks, so you only have a short amount of time to listen and grab these. Follow the links.

Hour one: Mostly JB from the 80s
Which is so damn good, but too many people ignore this era of his.

Hour two: Instrumentals
I share the story of what drove him to record so many instrumental tracks in the mid-60s for Smash Records. It's a story you probably don't know.

Hour three: Funky Drummer set
Funky Drummer is the most sampled song of all time. I play tunes from other people using the great Clyde Stubblefield beat. You'll be surprised to hear who has used it.

Hour four: Live and family
I play tracks from each of the Live at the Apollo LPs as well as a number of tunes from the JB family of musicians.

You can stream each hour by clicking on the links, and then download them to your iTunes.

KFJC is in the first week of its month-long Month of Mayhem. It's at least one special a day on this special radio station. Check out the Mayhem calendar and enjoy some great specials from some wonderful DJs. Radio at its finest.



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