Monday, January 04, 2016

Hell's Kitchen Radio #248: A New Dawn

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Happy New Year to all from Sir Hell. You didn't know that I'm a "Sir" now, did you? Well there ya go. How you like them apples? Did you have a glorious end of year celebration, or do you consider it to be trite and amateur hour? Either way, I hope you have set some positive intentions for 2016, or at the very least you call a friend and go out to see some live music. I plan on doing all of the above, and often in 2016.

For Monday's show I felt I should pay tribute to the recently fallen rock-comrade Lemmy Kilmister of the seminal metal band Motörhead. I remember first hearing the "hit" Ace of Spades in the early 80s, and knowing pretty much immediately that this band was no joke. I enjoyed Motörhead through the hair-raising glam metal years of the 80s and 90s, and loved that they kept true to their nature: raw and in-your-face loud. Monday I played mostly early tracks and a rare live track from my bootleg library.

Did you know Lemmy was a Joni Mitchell fan? Me either.

Monday also saw the 30th anniversary of the passing of legendary frontman Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. Damn, where does the time go? I did a little tribute to him as well, including a blistering live version of "The Rocker" live, with six guitarist rocking out on stage!!!

The remainder of the how was a genre grab-bag. Take a look at the playlist below.

I am also excited to introduce my 2016 "Run for the Lilies"! You come up with a list of 10 famous people you believe will be dead by 12-31-2016, and send that list to by February 01, 2016. The only rule is that you may not participate in the demise of any of the persons on your list. The winner will get a prize to be determined.

This should be a great year for music. Go out and support your local music scene, wherever you live.



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Sinnerman: Nina Simone
Big Log: Robert Plant

The Passenger: Iggy Pop
Court and Spark: Joni Mitchell
The Runaway: Danny O'Keefe

Little Girl in Bloom: Thin Lizzy
The Rocker: Thin Lizzy

Suicide: Thin Lizzy (05-14-76 Detroit, MI)
Time of No Reply: Nick Drake

Overkill: Motöhead
All The Aces: Motöhead
Killed By Death: Motöhead

Ace of Spades: Motöhead (March 22, 1982 Newcastle, England)
Truth: Alexander Ebert

Henry Lee: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
It's A Man's World: James Brown and his Famous Flames
Little Child, Running Wild: Curtis Mayfield

That's Life: Frank Sinatra
Hello Dolly: Louis Armstrong
I Get A Kick Out Of You: Tony Bennett

Enjoy some live Motörhead from "Top of the Pops" in 1983

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