Monday, June 22, 2015

Hell's Kitchen #224: Shaken Not Stirred

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Patsy, Cooter and Haskel McDonald from Shake Well broke down on the side of the road and joined me in the studio Monday night. They've been touring Tanzania and Namibia, and have found that being back in the Bay is a bit of a culture shock. Listen to them share their road stories, living in a van, cooking on the hot pavement of Zaire, and inter-band relations (they're all related, so it gets a bit funky).

Much of the music tonight comes from deep in my music library. But isn't that the way it is week to week? That's why you tune in. Also, BROWN appears to be some sort of theme tonight. I can attest to it not being on purpose. Seren-typical as Michael Vav would say.



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Some Velvet Morning: Vanilla Fudge
Bottle Up and Go: The Monkeywrench
Ode to Scientology: The Evangenitals

Too High: Shake Well

Seeing Things: Shake Well

Pink Cadillac: Tiger Honey Pot
Meat: Idiot Flesh
Metapsychomagia: Abraxas

Long Way To Go With No Punch: Dirty 3
Super Heathen Child: Grinderman (with Robert Fripp)
The Wizard: Brown Sabbath

Brown Sugar (Clapton on Slide): Rolling Stones
Brown Shoes Don't Make It: Frank Zappa
Freya: The Sword

Cyrano De Berger's Back: The Flesh Eaters
The Devil's Chasing Me: Reverend Horton Heat
Me and My Friends: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blue Jay Way: The Beatles

I Get A Kick Out Of You: Tony Bennett

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