Monday, May 12, 2014

A Season in Hell #173: My Own Personal Torment

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I have a very large music collection. Too large some might say. But I'm a DJ, so shut up. Anyway, a lot of people give me CDs, asking them to play their band. I don't keep those, usually. Mostly, those go to the radio station. Others give me mix CDs, saying that I'll just love their mix. I often re-gift those. Often, but not always, and NEVER from my dear friend, and brother-from-another-mother, Mikl Em. His mixes are always thoughtful and irreverent. Yes, I know what that word means. Like I said, brother-from-another-mother.

As I was considering what to play for tonight's show, I found a mix CD he made for me a few years back, titled "Songs about God". I gave it a listen a realized, HEY, I can make a show out of this. I have lots of music about God. Not all of these songs are the most respectful, but then again my name is John Hell.

So tonight I bring you my own personal torment. I think you'll enjoy it. it was fun to put together.



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No Depression: Uncle Tupelo
Bukowski: Modest Mouse
The Weeping Song: Nick Cave

God's Away on Business: Tom Waits
Christian Brothers: Elliot Smith
It Ain't Necessarily So: Aretha Franklin

Jesus Walking on Water: Violent Femmes
I Saw the Light: The The
They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore: Kinky Friedman
Christ for President: Billy Bragg and Wilco
Everybody Wants to go to Heaven: Love and Rockets

Monkey Goes to Heaven: Pixies
Ode to Scientology: The Evangenitals
Judgement Day: Jack O'Fire
Sermon on the Mount: William S. Burroughs
Give Thanks and Praises: Bob Marley

Jesus Fever: Kurt Vile
Sweet and Sour Jesus: Supersuckers
New Improved Testament: White Noise Radio Theater
Religion: PIL

The Insect God: Monks of Doom
Presence of the Lord: Blind Faith
So It Is Written: Savage Republic
Your Own Personal Jesus: Johnny Cash

Touch My Evil: Lydia Lunch
Not of this God: Slayer
I Saw the Light: Hank Williams

The Rodeo: Gary Lee and the Showdown

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