Monday, September 16, 2013

A Season in Hell #147: If It's Not Live, It's Dead

Ok, so in the "I've been way too busy to upload any of my shows lately" theme, this is a real winner. This show is all live cuts, starting with a German radio station announcing the death of Elvis Presley. How's that for a start? Somewhere along the way I actually play some live Elvis. And it's a doozy too.

There's something for everyone: there's goth bikers in lace; there's shoe gazers covered in syrup; there's classic rockers on tricycles sucking pacifiers. I tell ya this is the kind of show you've been waiting for.

Just take a look at this playlist!!!

And if you tune into my show on a regular basis, then you know that my live stuff is second to NONE! Take THAT Rotten Ronnie!

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Exodus: Bob Marley and the Wailers (1980-07-12 - Wales, UK)
Elvis is Dead: German Radio
Kathy's Song: Simon and Garfunkel (Live in Central Park, NYC)

Big Chief: The Meters (1976-10-01 - Baton Rouge, LA)
Red Right Hand: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (2013-04-09, San Francisco, CA)

Human Fly: The Cramps (1982-05-20 - Seattle, WA)
Sympathy for the Devil: Rolling Stones (1969-11-09 - Oakland, CA)
When the Music's Over: The Doors (1970-07-05 - Seattle, WA)

Relgion: PIL (1983-11-08 - Bristol, England)
Cherry Bomb: The Runaways (1976-07-19 - Cleveland, OH)
Sex Ed Class->Don't Touch Me There->Mondo Bondage:The Tubes (1977-04-15-San Francisco, CA)

Unknown Track: Electric Masada (2013-7-13, Rotterdam)
Wooden Ships: CSNY (1969-08-26 Greek Theater - LA, CA)
The Way Young Lovers Do: Van Morrison (Demo 1968)
The Bomber: James Gang (2001-02-26 - Cleveland, OH)
An American Journey: Elvis Presley (1972-04-10 Richmond, VA)

Let's Go Crazy: Prince with 3rd Eye Girl (2013-04-24, San Francisco, CA)

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