Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Season in Hell #135: The Cacophony Society Infiltrates Radio Valencia

In 1994 my friend and co-staffer at KFJC, Mark Church (aka: Mr. Antagonism) told me about this event in the desert, where a bunch of pranksters go out and shoot guns, and burn things. He said that a few hundred people attend and it's a perfect place for us to set up a pirate radio station. How could I say no?

My first Burning Man in 1994 would change me the way it changed thousands of lives. I knew I had arrived. I also knew that it wasn't the event itself that had changed me, but the people. One person in particular was a huge inspiration for me; John Law. John was the mans-man of the event. He looked the part. Part Sam Peckinpah, part John Wayne, John Law knew his shit. He was honest to a fault, and never forgot a name. And I never knew a person as inclusive as John.

This is all sounding like an obituary. John is all of this still! Following my first Burning Man it was John who called me up to participate in some urban exploration in San Francisco. I took right up with the Cacophony Society as soon as I could, which would have been in the Fall of 1994. I never looked back.

From the tunnel walks, to the laundromat readings, from the urban iditirod, to Santarchy in the streets, there wasn't an event I could say no to for about ten years. I knew I had found my "people".

John, along with Carrie Galbraith and Kevin Evans have complied and edited a wonderful compendium, looking back fondly at a time when our nation was able to laugh a bit more at itself; not take itself so seriously.

Monday night John and Carrie were kind enough to come into the RV studios (Carrie by phone) to talk about the book, the times, and the events coming up to celebrate it all. Church of the Subgenius' Puzzling Evidence joined us in the second hour.

The first big event is Thursday night, May 16th at City Lights Books in North Beach. Many other great events are to follow.

Take a walk down fuzzy, crazy, idiotic, risky, memory lane with this recent episode of A Season in Hell. You may already be a member.

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