Monday, May 06, 2013

A Season in Hell #134: Ronnie Loves Maggie

When I was ten years old, Ronald Reagan was elected president. The day he was inaugurated the Iranians immediately released the American prisoners. The reason given to us Americans was that the Iranians were afraid that we would attack. At the age of ten, I knew differently. I knew at that age that the someone had paid the Iranians off. How did I know that? I couldn't tell you. But the truth finally came out in Reagan's second term. I knew at the age of ten that I did not like, nor did I trust Ronald Reagan.

The next eight years would find our economy in a shambles, as we began to privatize and outsource everything. Many jobs were lost, the homeless population more than doubled, worthless wars were fought and the middle class began to shrink.

And this was just in America. Great Britain had Margaret Thatcher. There's was a thousand times worse.

Tonight on my show I welcome Steffan Chirazi, the writer and editor of the official Metallica Fanzine, "So What". He's a Brit, and he's got some glorious stories to tell about life under Maggie. We both play music from the era, that will bring back memories; some good, some bad.

But we can raise a toast, knowing that at least their both together hell.

The last thirty minutes we feature some blistering music from Slayer, featuring the recently departed guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who died on May 2, at the age of 49, from what appears to be liver damage. The metal world lost a legend.

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