Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Season in Hell #110: Election NIght Blues

I'm doing what I do every year before an election: I'm analyzing the propositions. I know, I know, it's really exciting. I've give analysis and how I'm voting and why. I only talk about the San Francisco and California props.

I also have an election night set or two, and a whole lot of blues thrown in for good measure.

Be sure to listen to the Led Zeppelin tune. I play it in a way you have NEVER heard it before.

It's fun to have a platform like this to share with you all.

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Do It: Rollins Band
Southern Politician: Willy DeVille

Another Bloody Election: Killing Joke
Sweet Thing/Candidate: David Bowie

Politician: Cream

Talking about the election

Candidate: Joy Division
Hey Hey What Can I Do(slowed down): Led Zeppelin
My Crime: Canned Heat

Talking about the election

Will Not Be Your Fool: Dave Bromberg Band
Walkin' Blues: Butterfield Blues Band

Talking about the election

Whiskey and Women: John Lee Hooker (03-30-85, The Stone, SF, CA)
Work Song: Nina Simone

Talking about the election

Boom Boom: Rube Waddell
Shake That Money Maker: Elmore James
Midnight Special: Harry Belafonte

Talking about the election

Dust My Broom: Howlin' Wolf
Basketball Jones: Cheech and Chong

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