Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Season in Hell #109: John Hell Wins the Pennant!

I'm 3-0 in broadcasting when the Giants win something big! Yay me! And yay to the San Francisco Giants for sweeping the highly favored (for some unknown reason) Detroit Tigers.

I just got back from a great weekend in Portland, Oregon. This town is like San Francisco North, but the people are all really friendly...and white. Where are all the people of color at? I mean really, this is one white town.

I was also expecting a lot more Portlandia-like experiences. I was a bit disappointed. Where the quirkiness? Where are Fred and Carrie? I did drink my fair share of local beers though. So tasty. I recommend you hit up Bailey's Tap Room. They have 20 of the finest west coast micro-breweries on tap. That was a joyous night, I tell you.

We also spent quite a few hours at the nations largest independently owned book sore, Powell's. It's  city block large. DAMN! So many books. It heavenly and a bit overwhelming at the same time.

Being a music junkie I had to hit up the local record stores. I was happy to find Jackpot records and there ever so fine collection of new and used vinyl. I can buy pretty much everything I've ever wanted at Aquarius and Amoeba. The great thing about visiting music towns is the opportunity to find local music that I cannot find at home. My trip was fortuitous. I found this ripping LP from a Portland band, Wizard Rifle. Damn, they are loud. LOVE IT! I played them tonight, so be listening for them. I also found a double 10" of a 2012 Ty Segall Band release, "Slaughterhouse", which I've never heard of, nor seen. Thanks Portland, and thanks to Jackpot Records, a local Portland record label and store.

And the rain. Did I mention the rain? It rained a lot. A lot. Really, a lot.

I played a few songs in tribute to Hurricane Sandy, because I could. I did not play anything in the memory of a longtime friend and collaborator, Paul Addis, who chose to take his life last Saturday night by jumping in front of a BART train in SF. I'll save that for when I have my head better wrapped around it.

If you would care to stream this championship broadcast, click here.
If you dare to download this MVP performance, click here.
If you choose to do the right thing and listen to every one of these masterful recordings, then click here, or scroll down.



Do It: Rollins Band
Lonesome Train: Robert Gordon w/Link Wray
Stormy Weather: Jimmy Luxury

???: The Hooded Fang
Rebel Without a Pause: Public Enemy
General Hospital/Blue Flowers: Dr. Octogon

Diddy Wha: Ty Segall Band
Save Yourself: Hemi
Let's Get Funky: Jack O'Fire

Tears Won't Soften Steel: Wizard Rifle
Akuma No Kuma: Boris and Sunn)))
White Light/White Heat: Lou Reed

Shame Shame Shame: Bryan Ferry
Soul Rebel: Bob Marley
Water No Get Enemy: Fela Kuti

Down, Down, Down: Tom Waits
Desert Blues: Leon Redbone
The Fat Lady of Limbourg: Brian Eno

Hey Hey My My: Neil Young and Crazy Horse (Hollywood Bowl 10-17-12)
Stormy Monday: Allman Brothers Band (Fillmore East, February, 1971) - Going out to our friends and family surviving the ravages of Hurricane Sandy and the Frankenstorm!

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