Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Season in Hell #104: John Hell is a Super Hero!

...or maybe I'm a villain. Which is sexier?

My earliest memory of reading comic books was when I was about seven or eight years old, it was an Amazing Spiderman. I couldn't tell you the issue, but Dr. Octopus was the villain. That I remember. I read comic books semi-regularly until I was about 13. I collected baseball cards then too. I still have the baseball cards (I turn 42 this Sunday, so that gives you an idea of how long ago this was), I no longer have the comic books. This wasn't a situation of my mother throwing out my comic books. As much as I enjoyed reading them, I wasn't seriously hooked. I don't know what happened to them. I know some of you are just cringing thinking of that.

It wasn't until Red Son came out that I found myself wanting to read more comics, and especially, graphic novels. I began digging for darker stories. I found that as much as I loved a good novel, I ached for the stories and art of a good comic or graphic novel.

I've been enjoying the Dark Knight series, Walking Dead, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Transmetropolitan, and yes, even Before Watchmen (say what you will, I'm sort of enjoying it).

Living in San Francisco there are more comic book stores per-capita than anywhere else on the planet. I have my choice of some excellent stores, so where do I shop? I go to Comic Outpost, 2381 Ocean Avenue, in the Ingleside district of this fair city. It's a family store. Nothing fancy. They've got all the titles I want, and they can special order what I need. Gary and Roger are the owners, and you couldn't ask for two more friendly and knowledgeable guys. Gary joined me in the studio Monday night to talk about the world of comics, then and now.

If I was a superhero, what would my super powers be?

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Do It: Rollins Band
Dr. Octopus: Stan Lee: Spiderman: Rock Reflections of a Superhero
Nice, Nice Very Nice: Ambrosia

Interview with Gary Buechler

Cissy Strut: The Meters
She's On It: Beastie Boys
Violent Pacification: DRI
400 Bucks: Supersuckers
Home Sweet Mobile Home: New Duncan Imperials

Interview with Gary Buechler

I Love You Peggy: Butthole Surfers
Who Stole the Keishka: Polkacide
Deseert Jewel: Jody Foster's Army
Citizens of the World: Dr. Know

Interview with Gary Buechler

Marvin's Groove: BW Souls
Cotati Funk: Quintessence
Something Different: Prepostions

Smokin' Cheeba-Cheeba: George Benson
The Hands of Time: Perfect Circle
Baba Hya: Lafayette Afro-Rock Band

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